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Comment Re: Good. (Score 1) 699

In actual practice, Marxism at its core is about using copious amounts of violent force against anyone who objects to whatever "society" (actually a small group of people at the top) deems is in the best interest of "the people" (again, what's actually in the best interest of the party regarding maintaining power). The theory of

Marxism will always require much more persistent use of state-sponsored violence to remain "pure" Marxism than any sort of representative government.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 699

I would certainly advise people to get chicken pox rather than be vaccinated. Getting a primary chicken pox infection as an adult is far more serious than getting it as a child, and you need to get lifelong boosters of the vaccine in order to avoid any risk of getting chicken pox later in life.

Comment Re:Wages as share of GDP dropping since 1972 (Score 0) 754

A fair amount of people living paycheck to paycheck do so because of poor decisions.

Just to be clear, I don't say this as someone coming from a comfortable middle-class background. I say this as someone who lives on roughly $1000/month and supports someone else on that as well. I live in a decent-sized city, eat well, and don't really want for much. I could live like a king on minimum wage.

And no, having children is not an acceptable excuse. Children are a choice, and if you value having children over having discretionary spending, you've made that choice and need to live with it. I understand there are lots of catastrophic occurrences, but those are not in any way the norm for why people live in poverty. Far more likely is the myopic notion that "I should be able to have all this stuff because other people do!"

Self-responsibility is scary though, so someone in the government should fix things so I can spend like a moron and not have to worry about things like budgets. After all, the government doesn't care about things like budgets, so why should I?

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