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Comment Re:MS needs to be thinking about the 720 (Score 1) 169

That list actually highlights the issue with MMOs on the Xbox 360:
- Age of Conan: "development hell", though still possible
- All Points Bulletin: not confirmed for any consoles yet (check this at gamescom last week)
- Champions Online: may actually come to 360
- CrimeCraft: not confirmed for any consoles yet
- Huxley: "development hell", looking less and less likely
- Kingdom Under Fire II: may come out, and will be on 360, but we've not seen the MMO part yet, and it's still got a vague 2010 release date
- Marvel MMOG & Marvel Universe Online (same thing: cancelled by Microsoft, parts became Champions Online
- Stargate Worlds: not confirmed for any consoles
- The Secret World: as Age of Conan (same developer, except even PC version is still rather vague).

That's not really a great list in the end. There are likely various reasons behind these issues, including development costs, but I'm sure Microsoft's tight grip on Xbox Live is part of the problem. Of course, console MMOs in general are an issue, as we have yet to see one on the PS3 either, though DC Universe is getting there, and SOE have a couple more on the way, along with Square Enix's FFXIV, of course (which itself may end up on 360, once they are able to negotiate the Live issues).

Comment Not convinced (Score 5, Insightful) 152

I'm not convinced that the touch screens can replace a keyboard and mouse on a desktop, or even a laptop, for some time. Text is the big issue, and I can't see myself being able to achieve the same typing speed on a touch screen until there's some really good haptic feedback in place. While handwriting technology could come on leaps and bounds (and has done so), I already type faster than I can write, so this wouldn't be helpful to me. For the mouse there is definitely places where touch would work better, particularly for new users, but the precision of a mouse is better for certain applications (notably gaming) compared to stubby fingers and having them block your view of the screen. Even if Microsoft can get touch working nicely in Windows 7, it's still going to be quite some time until I'll be getting rid of my keyboard and mouse.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wi-Fi - Health Risk?

Ynot_82 writes: Yesterday, the UK Panorama programme ran a section on Wi-Fi and recent health concerns.
With some schools reportedly removing their Wi-Fi networks amid the concerns, many are calling for a detailed investigation into the safety of Wi-Fi Networks.Is this overkill, or are there real concerns here? Scientists are divided on the issue, and in the mean time, IT in the education sector looks to be taking the cautionary route.

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