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Comment Re:What are you speaking of ? (Score 1) 305

They updated the summary. My cached (igoogle) summary doesn't include the word Ubuntu: "An anonymous reader writes to mention that Mark Shuttleworth has announced the next release in their horrible alliterative family, 'Karmic Koala'."

Adding Ubuntu "their horrible alliterative Ubuntu family" made it more clear.

Comment Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 1) 612

I went through the whole TN-1 / H1-B / Advance Parole process to get my permanent residency and I'm always amazed at the backlash on slashdot against foreign workers.

The way I see it, competition is global and every country should want the best "players" on their team. If I'm not working for an American company, paying American taxes, buying American products and eating in American restaurants, do you think I wouldn't be in software engineering? I'd just be working for a foreign company, paying foreign taxes, etc etc. I'd either be taking a job from an American as an offshore worker, or contributing to a competitor of an American company, which in no way makes America healthier.

Ditch the petty protectionism argument. Trust me, you're better off with me working here in America.

Comment Re:Hail Obama, Savior of America. (Score 1) 906

Kind of makes my last 72 hours look pretty useless.

1. Woke up
2. Breakfast
3. Went to work
4. Read slashdot
5. Lunch
6. Did a little work.
7. Read slashdot.
8. Drove home from work
9. Dinner
10. Slept
11. Woke up
12. Breakfast
13. Went to work
14. Read slashdot
15. Lunch
16. Did a little work.
17. Read slashdot.
18. Drove home from work
19. Dinner
20. Slept
21. Woke up
22. Breakfast
23. Went to work
24. Read slashdot
25. Lunch
26. Did a little work.
27. Read slashdot.

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