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Comment Maybe Corporate America Should Loose Up the Purse? (Score 2) 275

Ham radio enthusiasts have been doing this forever.

This may be so. But...

There are a *LOT* of big-time commercial orgs that make use of government funded weather sats. Maybe it's time that some of the Big Money Bags that make bank off of publicly funded things like the National Weather Service started ponying up a little cash-ola?

Submission + - Scientists Predict Gulf Dead Zone Due to Flooding (

Saeed al-Sahaf writes: Researchers from the University of Michigan predict that the largest Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' on record will result from the flooding, forecast to be between 8,500 and 9,421 square miles. The oxygen-starved Gulf dead zone is largely caused by farmland runoff containing fertilizers and livestock waste from as far away as the Corn Belt. In May 2011, 164,000 metric tons of nitrogen were transported to the northern Gulf, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — a 35% climb from average May nitrogen estimates in the last 32 years.

Submission + - Seattle Bans "Bodies" Exibits (

Saeed al-Sahaf writes: There will be no more commercial cadaver displays in Seattle — unless the deceased or their families have consented. In a unanimous vote, Seattle City Council members voted in favor of legislation which will affect exhibits such as "Bodies" that display preserved human cadavers. Premier Exhibitions, which sponsors the "Bodies" exhibit, says it can't verify where the bodies are from or that the deceased on exhibit consented to such display. On its website, Premier said it obtained its more than 200 bodies from a plastination facility in China, which received them from Chinese medical universities. The universities received them from the Chinese Bureau of Police.

Comment Re:Possible mitigation? (Score 1, Troll) 217

Would you stop that free market bullshit?

It's ***NOT*** "free market bullshit". It's ***YOU*** taking control of your purchaseing and buying products that work for you, rather than bitching, moaning, and complaining about Microsoft. If you ***LIKE*** to bitch, moan, and complain, I imagine that you are married or getting a divorce. But most people AVOID bitching, moaning, and complaining. So buy stuff that works for you and leave the rest behind. UNLESS you are like RMS, and just like to BITCH MOAN AND COMPLAIGN about Microsoft.

Comment Re:side effect (Score 1) 261

Raving lunatic extremists of any movement are stupid.

Sure, of course.

But we should also be concerned about unintended consequence of genetic engineering. For example there are notable issues with the kinds of genetic engineering going on with plats such as corn and grain. We can debate the health concerns about genetically engineered crops, but there is no question that issues of cross pollen contamination to non-genetically engineered crops is an issue. There is some question about engineered salmon interacting with wild as well. Another example might be the continued vaccine resistant virus strains, and resistance to antibiotics.

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