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Consumer Reports Gives AT&T Lowest US Carrier Rank 187

tekgoblin writes "Consumer Reports has just released results for consumer satisfaction across all US cell phone carriers. The survey covered around 58,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. Over half of the respondents who used AT&T used the iPhone when taking the survey. According to Consumer Reports, iPhone users were less satisfied with AT&T than other users with different phones. An AT&T spokesman responded by citing independent speed tests, as well as higher subscriber numbers and a dropped call rate within 0.1% of the industry leader." Update: 12/07 01:49 GMT by S : Corrected last sentence to indicate the 0.1% dropped call rate statistic is the difference between AT&T and another carrier, not 0.1% overall.

Comment Compared to the suicide rate in China... (Score 2, Insightful) 539

The factory in question supposedly employs 400,000 workers. The annual suicide rate in China (as reported by the WHO) is 16.7 per 100,000 people. That means that in a population of randomly selected Chinese the size of the factory workforce, we should expect to see 400000 people * 16.7 suicides/(100000 people * 1 year) * 5 months / 12 months = 27.8 suicides so far this year.

Can we conclude that assembling shiny gadgets makes it less likely that one will commit suicide? It meets the standards for publication...

Comment Re:reverence and awe (Score 1) 742

Shrug. I was put in charge of a project with 4 million lines of source my second year out of school. You carefully analyze the code paths that you need to work on at any given point in time, you write good thorough tests, you make your changes, you re-run your tests, and fix any regressions. The killer isn't the number of lines of source, its the interdependency between different modules (and the Linux kernel really doesn't have the best reputation in that department, though I don't know how much of its bad rap is deserved).

Comment Re:Only Apple (Score 2, Informative) 624

Darwin is basically just BSD with an extra dose of weird.

... and tens of thousands of bug fixes and performance improvements, all of which have been released back to the community, even though (for the most part) Apple had no obligation to do so.

Comment Re:Only Apple (Score 1) 624

It absolutely is open source. It's not copyleft, and it's incompatible with the GPL, but even the FSF considers it to be a free software license.

Patent licensing is an orthogonal issue, and Microsoft is certainly no better in that regard, either.

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