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Submission + - openSUSE 10.2 released.

linuxpoweredtrekkie writes: Last Thursday openSUSE 10.2 was released. This is the first version of the distribution to bear the name openSUSE, previously it was known as SUSE Linux.

Notable new features include:
— Vastly improved package management. (Improved user interface, progress reporting during slower operations, significantly improved speed)
— New kickoff KDE menu based on extensive start menu research by the SUSE team.
— New update notifier applet for KDE.
— Improved KDE integration of beagle, with the Kerry frontend and kio-beagle (lets you use beagle search in any kde dialogue).
— New and improved YaST modules for configuring your system, one new module enables sudo configuration.

You can download now from a mirror or use a torrent. Alternatively buy a boxed set with installation support, manuals and dual layer dvd.

Submission + - Firefox 3 in alpha - may be ready by end of 2007

illeism writes: Cnet is reporting that firefox 3 is now available in it's alpha stages and is currently recommended only to testers and developers. However, the cool thing is the Gecko rendering engine.
FTA — "Firefox 3 will include some significant changes. It uses version 1.9 of the Gecko rendering engine — which itself hasn't been released yet but which includes the Cairo graphics layer. Gecko 1.9 has been in development since before the release of Firefox 2, and it provides vector-based rendering on all platforms. As the Gecko 1.9 road map explains, Cairo will "bring modern, hardware-accelerated 2D-graphics capabilities to the whole of the Web without requiring proprietary plug-ins or rendering obsolete the broad and rich set of Web-authoring techniques developed over the past decade."

Submission + - The North Pole will melt by 2040

Dekortage writes: "A new NASA report suggests that the North Pole will be melted by the year 2040. According to the Times article, "Ice is melting so fast in the Arctic that the North Pole will be in the open sea in 30 years, according to leading climatologists.... Ships will be able to sail over the top of the world and tourists will be able visit what was, until climate change, one of planet's most inaccessible landscapes." So where will Santa live?"

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