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Comment Re:So Naive. What's the Game Plan, Mark? (Score 1) 102

You know the story of how he cheated the two Harvard guys by working on Facebook instead of their HarvardConnect site, most probably stealing plenty of ideas in the process. Everyone who knows that story already knows he has no morals or ethics. This is just a PR stunt to publicly justify his next expensive ass-wiping.

Comment Re:The pen[cil] is mightier than the sword! (Score 1) 426

It doesn't stop murder and mayhem, but it stops murder and mayhem that involves guns. Guns serve to increase violent incidences because pissed off people can end fights as quick as they need to with them, rather than resorting to (slightly) more sane things like yelling. Would you rather have someone offend you deeply, or end up in the hospital (if you're lucky) as opposed to the morgue? Every country that controls firearms has lower incidences of crime than those that don't. Have you never seen Fahrenheit 9/11?

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