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Comment Re:Natural Gas (Score 1) 162

Lastly -- why the heck did these guys put the pumps *outside* the tank? Why not put them in the tank?

ever tried to service a pump that's inside a tank? real pig to replace them... far easier if they're outside the tank as you can have shut-off valves either side and isolate them while replacing them... you don't have to drain the tank and purge it of fumes first before accessing the pump...

Comment Re:Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks (Score 1) 65

You don't have patents in the fiction world, you have copyright law on the published text. You are free to have tree men in your story as long as you don't call them "ents". Likewise having a story about wizards in school, or vampires, or other story elements. Otherwise, if story elements/concepts were patentable we would not have as many varied stories we do have.

The same applies to paintings/drawings, TV shows, films, music and other creative arts. You don't have the makers of Armageddon and Deep Impact sueing each other over who has rights to the asteroid impact disaster movie, instead you have two different interpretations of that concept.

actually there are some who are trying to get plot elements patentable

which could be fun as prior art (such as plays, books, films etc.) would invalidate whole masses of them...

Comment wish there was a proper idea of the size of it... (Score 3, Insightful) 91

can't tell what denomination that coin is so can't tell exactly how small it really's either a five pence piece or ten pence piece and the ten pence piece is twice the size of what we call the tiddler. Is it too much these days to expect people to put a small one inch and one centimetre scale next to the items when photographing them?

Comment Re:iPad traffic (Score 1) 1052

nah... this is Apple... they've redefined the word tablet to mean only those devices with a form factor the same as the current iPad... so all those other smaller tablets or devices with widescreen formats don't count... my Arnova 7G2 wouldn't be counted as a tablet by Apple's logic... neither will a Kindle Fire as it's not big enough by Apple's metrics.

Comment Re:Everyone is doing it (Score 1) 192

What is needed is 2 things:
1. Rules forbidding the sale of any personal data between companies.
2. Actual enforcement of those rules and punishment for breaking them.

what's needed is jailtime for the's the only way to get them to take things seriously... a fine on the company is merely seen as the cost of doing business and comes out of the customers pockets in the long run...

Another way to make them sit up and notice would be to legally require them to pay the fines from the shareholder's dividends and their bonus pool and print the details of the judgments and fines in the company's annual reports. Also make it so that any fines are completely separately accounted and come after corporate taxes are paid.

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