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Comment Re:We have to! (Score 1) 312

I drew the same conclusion. The quants deal with markets in which their decisions can change the landscape of the playing field. In predicting winners of sports games, they have no such influence. It's not an apples to apples comparison. I like your analogy!

Comment Re:Note to the President (Score 1) 857

Absolutely. Well said. To take this further, last year the Wall Street Journal had an excellent editorial that showed the majority of foreclosure issues were not sub-prime mortgages, but normal, prime mortgages. The real culprit was "zero money down". It appears that the need to spend well outside one's means was not limited to people with bad credit.
I am surprised that these studies haven't been taken further. One would hope that if we were to try and prevent such a crisis from recurring, we would analyze the the actual root cause of the problem and devise a solution for it

Comment Re:In Russia, commie govt gives health care to YOU (Score 1) 801

How much evidence is there to show that America closely observed other nations' health care systems and tried to take the best from each in this 2000 page bill? I believe these were the steps taken by South Korea when they started their reform. I read many parts of the bill and I'm still trying to figure out what on earth they have to do with health care, let alone better health care.
I agree that the American system is a disaster, but many are worried we're going to get a large, clunky, bureaucratic health care system that ends up causing more problems than solutions.
The funniest part so far is that many people who have been pushing so hard for nationalized health care are up in arms regarding the abortion amendment. If you give complete power over to the state, the state can do whatever they want and you will have no recourse...other than leaving the country. This is why it's a good idea not to give such power to the state, especially if its Congress is full of crazies from both sides of the spectrum.
Get ready for more nonsense like congress preventing our only health insurance provider (soon to be the government) from allowing any medical treatment that involves stem cells. It could happen. Politics will grow deeper between the doctor and the patient. If this doesn't scare you, I don't know what does.
Again, there has to be some solutions to the American Health Care debacle, but I'm not seeing many good ideas coming from Congress.

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