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Comment Re:Yeah, that's just what the world needs (Score 1) 625

It's not what I want.

It's what will happen. It's what's supposed to happen.

It's not life, without death. No death? No Beethoven or Taj Mahal or Pericles or Haiku.


Without an end, there is no way to face your existence with grace and courage. Bu don't worry. That's empty speculation. You will get old - if you're lucky.

And? You will certainly die.

Comment Sign me up (Score 1) 379

I'm willing to overpay for one of these. I really believe that a lot of good can come from off-the-grid power, and I would invest to help that happen.

So much of our lives is about how this corporation or that government agency has us by the balls. So much of our politics is payback. How something like this could change the balance of power back toward the hands of the individual!

It's not just traditional energy companies that worry about something like that happening. There's a lot of entrenched power in the hands of a shrinking number of people because people can be squeezed. I think about it every time I have to fill the car with gas.

The other key would be open-source, off-the-grid networking. Think about how life and politics would change in the absence of Big Energy and Big Telecom. I'm sure someone else would try to step into the void left by these behemoths, but once you start down the road away from dependence, it gets easier to get rid of the next tyrant.

Comment Re:American Justice (Score 5, Interesting) 255

Just weeks after NSA boss Alexander said that a review of NSA spying found not even one violation, the Washington Post published an internal NSA audit showing that the agency has broken its own rules thousands of times each year
  • NSA whistleblowers say that the NSA collects all of our conversations word-for-word
  • While the government initially claimed that mass surveillance on Americans prevented more than 50 terror attacks, the NSAâ(TM)s deputy director John Inglis walked that position back all the way to saying that â" at the most â" one (1) plot might have been disrupted by the bulk phone records collection alone. In other words, the NSA canâ(TM)t prove that stopped any terror attacks. The government greatly exaggerated an alleged recent terror plot for political purposes (and promoted the fearmongering of serial liars). The argument that recent terror warnings show that NSA spying is necessary is so weak that American counter-terrorism experts have slammed it as âoecrazy pantsâ

  • The feds are considering prosecuting the owner of a private email company â" who shut down his business rather than turning over records to the NSA â" for refusing to fork over the information and keep quiet. This is a little like trying to throw someone in jail because heâ(TM)s died and is no longer paying taxes
  • Mass spying creates an easy mark for hackers . Indeed, the Pentagon now sees the collection of âoebig dataâ as a âoenational security threatâ ⦠but the NSA is the biggest data collector on the planet, and thus provides a tempting mother lode of information for foreign hackers
  • IT and security professionals are quite concerned about government spying
  • Congress members are getting an earful from their constituents about mass surveillance
  • Only 11% of Americans trust Obama to actually do anything to rein in spying
  • A Congressman noted that â" even if a mass surveillance program is started for good purposes â" it will inevitably turn into a witch hunt

Comment Re: Yeah, that's just what the world needs (Score 1) 625

What? And subject myself to the uncritical indoctrination that seems to guide your prejudice?

You seem not to be able to see past technological fetishism - the sort that admires scientism - as exemplified by this proposed medicalization of aging.

These are propositions that use scientific learning in the technological pursuit of of human fears and personal demands. This is the same basis for justifying and admiring eugenics or brainwashing.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's just what the world needs (Score 1) 625

Seriously. Calling age a disease is a rhetorical manipulation, divorced from the truth. Clinging to this notion is a form of delusion.

Equivalent fancies would call gravity a form of oppression, or render the second law of thermodynamics a form of theft.

These people need psychologists, not funding. Medical care is already unaffordable in the US, with outcomes similar to Kazakhstan. Quack-science like this is a part of the problem.

Comment Not yet (Score -1, Troll) 99

Not until the entire audio layer in Linux works better with more hardware, including pro stuff like Avid, Focusrite, MOTU, etc.

It's still too fussy to get good audio out of Linux. Though I realize it's not entirely the fault of Linux.

It's great for streaming samples, rendering, etc, but not for actually playing or producing audio, without a whole lot of fiddling.

The Matrix

Journal Journal: The Scottish Rite's KKK Project 3

"The influence of Scottish Rite-dominated Freemasonry is shockingly pervasive in American government and culture, particularly in the South. But it has come under attack from some surprising quarters."

by Anton Chaitkin

(The following is the edited text of the speech delivered by Mr. Chaitkin to the Labor Day weekend conference of the Schiller Institute in suburban Washington, D.C.)

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