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Comment Re:Difficulty (Score 1) 452

Love the game, but...
i find the difficulty to be all over the map, personally. I fought against an orange guy and 4 whites last night and after I was laid waste to the first two times, I easily whipped them on the 3rd go-round. I think it has to do with a wildly random enemy AI.

I'm finally getting better at playing strategically I guess, but before I hit level 10 I was getting routinely killed by the random encounters. Pretty infuriating to bring down two ogres at a time and then get obliterated by a handful of wolves.

Comment Re:EA rears its ugly head (Score 2, Insightful) 241

1. I think folks should wait to see if the game stands up on its own before declaring a foul here.
2. That dedicated DLC team doesn't work for peanuts, I guarantee.
3. If the main team isn't working on DLC, that means other games come out quicker.
4. This DLC is obviously optional. Nobody's forcing you to buy it.

Blows my mind how quick some folks in the community will turn on one of the most influential and important dev teams.

Comment Re:Missing Details (Score 1) 607

...so when your optical drive fails, you wrap your 360 in a damp bath towel and start playing battlefield 43 til she pops. from what i understand, the 360's red ring warranty starts over every time you get the console replaced (i'm on #4. I think?).

Comment way too little, way too late (Score 1) 55

I sold my copy (360) of left4dead immediately after l4d2 was announced. I enjoyed the first one, don't get me wrong, but it didn't take long for me to realize it was severely lacking. Asking $60 for it was akin to highway robbery... The demo was free and it comprised one quarter of the full game. The L4D2 announcement was a bit of a slap in the face, imo. a shooter with 6 guns...two of which are merely more powerful versions of themselves. Is that a joke? Seriously -- how could anyone *not* feel let down by l4d's dearth of out-of-the-box content? Maybe I'm weird by expecting more out of Valve, or maybe I'm stupid for expecting more out of Valve.

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