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Comment Bartle Player types (Score 1) 465

This conversation seems to be cyclical. Let us remember that people play games for different reasons. We have Bartle Player Types and Nick Yee's player motivations to frame this conversation. Some people like ultra-realism, some don't. Different strokes for different folks. I'm a casual TF2 player, where I aim bazooka rockets at my feet so I can jump higher. I guess realism isn't that important to me. I'm also a text-based gamer, and I enjoy playing muds and mushes.

Graphic Novelist Calls For Better Game Violence 465

eldavojohn writes "Landry Walker (alternative comics creator of X-Ray Studios) has a brief opinion piece at Elder Geek asserting that all he wants for Christmas is more realistic game violence. While he acknowledges the world probably isn't ready for it, he wishes that getting shot in a video game was a bit more like getting shot in real life. From his piece: '... that's my problem with video game violence. Bullets are something we shrug off. Point blank fire with a machine gun is something that a tiny bit of flexible body armor and 20 seconds sitting on a magic invisibility inducing gargoyle can cure. Time and time again, I've heard people claim that they want to see a greater degree of realism in video games. But that's a lie. We don't want realism. We want fantasy. We want unlimited ammo and we want rapid respawns. We want to jump out of second story windows without a scratch. We want to dodge bullets and shake off mortal wounds without pause.' What say you, reader? Would this bring a new level of impossibility to video games or would there be a way to balance this out?"

Comment Re:BOYCOTT!!! (Score 1) 501

no. I am NOT a pissed of gamer - I love d&d 4e, play it with my half-brothers, who love it. The game still holds tremendous amounts of fun for us. I played d&d since (literally) the first edition.

A boycott is a myopic, stupid choice. It's about gaming and rpg's which are hella-fun. A boycott just shoots us all in the foot, man.

You seem to be forgetting that people play games for different reasons! Just because you don't like doesn't mean that other don't.

Comment great game - doesn't deserve to be called zork (Score 4, Funny) 76

I love the art style. I love the monsters. I love the locations. I love the "feel". Very well realized, but, um, activisionâ¦. THIS ISNT ZORK! This is somethingâ¦.awful. This is some horrible, Frankensteinian aberration. This is heresy. This is a gut-wrenching vomit soaked, "find out you have cancer" thing to do to the zork series. W.T.F. ?!

This is *gasp* web-based. You've made a pretty decent web-based game, and given it the spiritual name of the most important game to EVER COME TO COMPUTERS. Do you see where I'm coming from?

DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! Kingdom of loathing is a great web based game, and in all honest more deserving of the title zork. Have you guys ever played nethack? Adventure? MUD II? Do you even KNOW who Richard Bartle is?

This is like a terrible thing to do with zork! Zork is a text-based game! text-based! that's why WE LOVED ZORK because we could imagine stuff - you know - WITH OUR IMAGINATION THINGY!!!!!

But text based games are alive and well - both multiplayer (in the MUD and MUSH community) and single player (in the interactive fiction community).

PS: whoever thought of the idea of buying coconuts for fucking action points needs to be eaten by a grue. you know about that, right?

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