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Comment Whippersnapper! (Score 5, Insightful) 170

Your UID suggests you should get off my lawn. :D

Those of us who were kids when it came out loved it, and the sequel (not a remake) seems well timed, to me. The movie was not a plotless dud, it was a kinda-confusing people-didn't-get-it (and a couple of plot holes didn't help) dud in the box office. TRON was redeemed by cable TV, VHS, and DVD.

And the cycles kick ass. So, get off my lawn :D

Comment Sign of the Apocalypse: Jersey driver lectures (Score 1) 957

Really? Wow. Where I live, in the Williamsubrg/Hampton Roads area of Virginia, a Jersey plate is a signal to be extra-vigilant. You make fine statements here, but on the roads in my area, your fellow statesmen are an unholy terror to be cautiously avoided.

Your only possible rivals are from Massachusetts.

Comment Re:Gotta love... (Score 1) 1131

They don't have terrorists and dissidents because they killed pretty much all of them, and those that are left are very careful to not get noticed. Remember Tiananmen Square? That was nothing compared to what China has done in the not-much-more-distant past. That's how you keep your dissidents in line.

Comment Re:You gotta be kidding. (Score 1) 204

You just made the mistake of saying something was hard. All the "that's not hard, you just suck" folks ALWAYS come out of the woodwork for these situations. It's like having a 5-digit UID and claiming to have been around forever. The 4 and 3-digit folks magically appear. :)

For what it's worth, I have cleared 100% on Mario Kart and Galaxy, but it WAS HARD. Fine, I suck, I can accept that. What I had the hardest time with was when Mario Kart's AI started ramping up the cheating. Mario Kart wasn't hard because of difficulty, it was hard because the AI got massive artificial bonuses.

Mario Galaxy, though, was hard because of intrinsic difficulty, but also the controls. There were times when it felt like the control scheme was designed to make specific levels harder than they had to be. Beating the game is a challenge, but getting 100% is downright brutal.

And then my house got broken into, my Wii stolen. *RAGE*

Comment Re:IT Industry (Score 1) 705

My typing speed is about what yours is, and I'm actually less likely to document my work. It's because the documentation repository I'm supposed to use is garbage. I can do the typing required in it in just a few seconds. It takes me over a minute for each form, waiting for it to load, waiting for it to load the list of values for various things, waiting for it to save... If it worked as fast as I typed, I'd use it. As it is, I do barely what's required of me to keep the PHBs from whining at me about my lack of documentation.

Comment Basic audio fine, multi-channel out?... (Score 1) 427

I've never had trouble getting stereo output on a Linux box. At least, not in the last few years. 5.1 through a digital out, however... that's been a nightmare for me. I haven't tried the latest distributions, but Ubuntu just plain wouldn't do it through the digital out jack. Fedora will, but only outputs 2 channel. EVERYTHING I've tried hasn't worked, and no config file changes have changed my results. I'm going to try the latest Fedora and Ubuntu soon, so we'll see if it's gotten any better.

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