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Comment On purpose (Score 0) 230

I bet it's on purpose. Currently the applicants are pulling benefits. But the only way to deal with their godforsaken malware-ridden childporn-routing spam-sending virus-infected backdoored Windows machines, is to install Linux. It's a nefarious plot, but it's a bulletproof way to train their lazy-ass benefits claimants into true Linux Sysadmins.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 348

I agree on a lot of things there, but let's skip 6-8 years ahead. 3D printing will have advanced. I'm thinking colors, shiny gloss, more rigid or more flexible plastics.

In my city, a non-profit organization runs two labs with 3D printers. I could see the next five years where people just select a part, then submit it to a queue at the lab. Next day, they pick it up. Easy peasy, and just like Visicalc it will sell itself, because it saves costs.

And then I'm not even mentioning that it is much more flexible. (select size, colors, gloss, weight, strength, etc.). I'm also not mentioning the possibility to print metals, which might also happen.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 348

I'm pretty surprised that you think nothing is worth printing. There are products for which I feel the only important thing is the plastic shape itself. For instance, a dock for your mobile phone. Or a lunch box. A laptop case. A box to store your nuts and bolts. Models to paint, like model airplanes or tabletop game parts. Door handles. Spoons and spatulas for kitchen usage.

It's a pretty long list.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 295

Because it's their passion, of course. I like a good fuck as any other guy, but a fuck is just a fuck. I have dreams that I want to fulfill, and they relate to work. Apparently your dreams relate to doing nothing.

Comment Re:Looks like no extra energy in batteries (Score 1) 244

Why don't you just carry an extra battery with you? I've got a Samsung Galaxy Gio and ordered an extra battery + external charger. Since these batteries are small and flat, I carry an extra one in my wallet.

If you've got a built-in battery, just buy a case with a built-in battery which you can switch on.

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