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Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 295

Because it's their passion, of course. I like a good fuck as any other guy, but a fuck is just a fuck. I have dreams that I want to fulfill, and they relate to work. Apparently your dreams relate to doing nothing.

Comment Re:Looks like no extra energy in batteries (Score 1) 244

Why don't you just carry an extra battery with you? I've got a Samsung Galaxy Gio and ordered an extra battery + external charger. Since these batteries are small and flat, I carry an extra one in my wallet.

If you've got a built-in battery, just buy a case with a built-in battery which you can switch on.

Comment Johnny come late (Score 0) 260

Unbelievable, what is wrong with Microsoft and consumer electronics? When all the really successful players just keep their mouths shut, and [i]after[/i] all the moderately successful companies start announcing their vaporware, only then, [i]only then[/i] Microsoft comes and and says "yeah yeah, we've been working on that too".

Yeah whatever.

Comment No Flash (Score 1) 147

For me personally, I need decent Flash. My (European) country's national broadcaster has a digital Flash-based channel. I recently found out that Adobe dropped Flash hardware acceleration somewhere last year. You can't force it on through some obscure configuration file, either.

That makes for a big disadvantage for most Linux-friendly stuff, I need something Microsofty or Apple-ish.

Comment My favorite quote from Against A Dark Background (Score 3, Funny) 150

"Good afternoon, madam. How may I help you?"

"Good afternoon. I'd like a FrintArms HandCannon, please."

"A--? Oh, now, that's an awfully big gun for such a lovely lady. I
mean, not everybody thinks ladies should carry guns at all, though I
say they have a right to. But I think... I might... Let's have a look
down here. I might have just the thing for you. Yes, here we are!
Look at that, isn't it neat? Now that is a FrintArms product as well,
but it's what's called a laser -- a light-pistol some people call
them. Very small, as you see; fits easily into a pocket or bag; won't
spoil the line of a jacket; and you won't feel you're lugging half a
tonne of iron around with you. We do a range of matching accessories,
including -- if I may say so -- a rather saucy garter holster. Wish I
got to do the fitting for that! Ha -- just my little joke. And
there's *even*... here we are -- this special presentation pack: gun,
charged battery, charging unit, beautiful glider-hide shoulder holster
with adjustable fitting and contrast stitching, and a discount on your
next battery. Full instructions, of course, and a voucher for free
lessons at your local gun club or range. Or there's the *special*
presentation pack; it has all the other one's got but with *two*
charged batteries and a night-sight, too. Here, feel that -- don't
worry, it's a dummy battery -- isn't it neat? Feel how light it is?
Smooth, see? No bits to stick out and catch on your clothes, *and*
beautifully balanced. And of course the beauty of a laser is, there's
no recoil. Because it's shooting light, you see? Beautiful gun,
beautiful gun; my wife has one. Really. That's not a line, she
really has. Now, I can do you that one -- with a battery and a free
charge -- for ninety-five; or the presentation pack on a special
offer for one-nineteen; or this, the special presentation pack, for

"I'll take the special."

"Sound choice, madam, *sound* choice. Now, do--?"

"And a HandCannon, with the eighty-mill silencer, five GP clips, three
six-five AP/wire-fl'echettes clips, two bipropellant HE clips, and a
Special Projectile Pack if you have one -- the one with the embedding
rounds, not the signalers. I assume the night-sight on this toy is

"Aah... yes, And how does madam wish to pay?"

She slapped her credit card on the counter. "Eventually."

                -- Iain M. Banks, "Against a Dark Background"

Comment 3 Clicks to Chasey Lane (Score 0) 185

I dont need to navigate to any website. It takes three clicks to Chasey Lane and that's all that's important:
- click on my bookmark to The Pirate Bay
- click on Search after I type her name
- click on the magnet link

Alright there's a fourth click to start the movie, and I have to reach over to the box of tissues, but we're talking about clicks here.

Comment Hygene problems? You mean production problems (Score 1) 214

From the summary: [quote]The bovines can defecate nine to 16 times daily, creating big hygiene problems on dairy and beef farms[/quote]

Farmers are interested in two things above all the rest: costs and production. So my guess is that it's not about hygiene, but about lowering costs. Although mildly interesting from a science point of view, this research is of course mainly to lower costs and then I think to myself: divine bovine, please shit where you stand.

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