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Comment 3 Clicks to Chasey Lane (Score 0) 185

I dont need to navigate to any website. It takes three clicks to Chasey Lane and that's all that's important:
- click on my bookmark to The Pirate Bay
- click on Search after I type her name
- click on the magnet link

Alright there's a fourth click to start the movie, and I have to reach over to the box of tissues, but we're talking about clicks here.

Comment Hygene problems? You mean production problems (Score 1) 214

From the summary: [quote]The bovines can defecate nine to 16 times daily, creating big hygiene problems on dairy and beef farms[/quote]

Farmers are interested in two things above all the rest: costs and production. So my guess is that it's not about hygiene, but about lowering costs. Although mildly interesting from a science point of view, this research is of course mainly to lower costs and then I think to myself: divine bovine, please shit where you stand.

Comment Re:$3600 ship (Score 1) 398

Because the first thing any opponent does in this situation is have tacklers web and warp scramble you. And they'll start bumping you to push you away from directions they don't want you go.

But how did the battle end? It would have to end with all ships of either one or the other side all killed. Unless both sides can agree to stop shooting, which I can't imagine possible with so many players.

Comment Re:Start of something big. (Score 1) 171

I know you jest, but seriously, some functions just don't conveniently tie into an all-in-one device. Smartphones take crap pictures, for example.

Modern smartphones take pictures that are good enough for many people, like Ben Lowe, who does photography for the big boys (he uses an iPhone):

Comment Re:how about REMOVING ARBITRARY PASSWORD LIMITS! (Score 1) 480

True story. I get my mobile phone plan, as well as broadband Internet, from the same company. The broadband branch of this company regularly sends out email newsletters, one of them about how to create a strong password. They advise including things like hyphens, underscores and what have you.

So I thought, finally they cleaned up their act! I try to change my password for the "webcare" site of the mobile phone department of said company, and.... get the error message "your password contains illegal characters".


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