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Media (Apple)

China's Official Newspaper Pans iPad — Too Locked Down 319

An anonymous reader writes "The People's Daily newspaper, which is the official news organ of the ruling Communist party in China, apparently recently posted a review of the iPad, where it complained about the locked down nature of the device, noting that 'There are many disadvantages. For example you cannot install pirate software on them, you cannot download [free] music, and you need to pay for movies you watch on them.' You would think a country that is in favor of locking down the internet so much would like a locked up device ..."

Comment Re:WASD? Flash version only, I guess. (Score 1) 362

I still use the Quake with mouse scheme for all my FPS gaming. For anyone who forgets, that's right mouse button for "forward", A and D for strafe and S for back (as in WASD) and space for jump. Mouse inverted vertically.

All FPS games support this setup still, though you have to tweak. The bummer, though, is when you get a mouse that doesn't allow simultaneous left and right mouse clicking.. you can either shoot OR move ;-)

I keep trying to do the full, modern WASD method but can't deal with "W" being forward and the mouse merely being to aim. Just feels wrong. I guess this is what it is to be old. My muscle memory struggles to change.

Comment Ooh, they're printing a new bit of paper! (Score 2, Insightful) 377

Wow, big deal. All they need to do to "change the rules" is to print a slightly different paper to slip inside the box. WTF would they need to "make" two separate editions? Hardly anyone seriously plays 100% by the official rules anyway so it seems a load of bullshit. You could just agree with your partner to follow this rule without buying a new set. This is just PR bullshit.

Comment The ecosystem is, not the language. (Score 1) 84

Ruby's ecosystem evolves very quickly, sure, but the underlying language doesn't. Ruby written 10 years ago isn't significantly different to that written now. It's the libraries that are being used that have changed, but Perl has become susceptible to that in the last few years too (consider Perl5i and all the Perl 6-isms that are entering Perl 5).

Comment Re:Medical... (Score 0) 727

It is a medical device which means that it is subject to insane markups. Mostly they are probably paid for by insurance, so there is little attention paid to cost by consumers.

Consumers being the operative word. Insurance companies get massive discounts on medical devices - gotta keep the cartel propped up somehow.

Comment A ton of Rails 3 Beta links (Score 4, Informative) 197

Over at Ruby Inside we did (and are maintaining) a roundup of ~36 Rails 3.0 beta links/articles (it's up to about 40 now, I think). If you've got Rails 3.0 installed and want to know how to use X or Y or want to learn some of the back story/motivation, the links should come in useful. They're only things that are actually worth reading. Well, mostly.. :-)

Comment Re:Bullshit level: High - Storm likely. (Score 1) 322

If Twitter's a fad, then I guess Slashdot's a fad too? Except more people use and get value out of Twitter than Slashdot :-) Or is it just new stuff that you don't use that's a "fad"?

Twitter is way beyond "fad" stage. If you want fads, try Google Wave or Clojure. Doesn't mean they won't become significant as time goes by though.

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