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Comment Re:Useless (Score 2) 104

You can see this in the video. The subjects' heads and stomachs start glowing more brightly as the person dons the piece. The really buff guy's heat shifts to his face and arms almost immediately. So you have your program look for a shorter block with a beacon shining above it.

If facial detection programs that clip the hair off first aren't already out there, my guess is they're close at hand so I don't think the greasy twirls will do much for long.

The handbag gadget seemed functional though.

Comment Re:Better idea: (Score 1) 564

Most literature (Kafka's included) is for the plot and entertainment. Much, if not all, 'insight' taught about Kafka and other's works is projection.

Enjoy the works or spend your life searching for the message between the lines, it's your call, but let's not elevate critics (which is what teachers of literature really are) into some deliverer of truth and insight, they ain't.

Comment Re:Copies are not you! (Score 1) 383

"Sure the body is no longer biological"

You just shot your argument in the ass. You don't think the copy will notice when it wakes up that it's not in the same (or even similar) vessel? It will *immediately* become a different sort of being, all self acknowledged. It would also require everyone else not knowing the difference between the original and the copy. Do you have an idea as to how to get around this?

Comment Re:Copies are not you! (Score 1) 383

Then you haven't really transferred at all, have you? Plus, I have some rather severe doubts you can replace a functioning brain cell, much less replace all of the many, many billions - one (or a few) at a time. Do *you* want to go through ten thousand possibly fatal brain surgeries?

What happens if your brain cells reject the invaders and refuse to interact with them?

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