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Comment Re: bitch and moan (Score 1) 400

Pedantically, you're correct. The actual quote (which I just watched a video of her saying) is:

But we have to pass the bill so you can, uh, find out what's in it.

Perhaps you could provide a link to a the entire "context" so people can judge for themselves? Relying on your word seems so... shallow of thought.

Comment LOL, great memory (Score 1) 365

I had a friend, Terry, who was around two hundred and eighty pounds. He bought one of those. Luckily for him, it came with a small stylette for pushing the minuscule buttons. His finger was damned near as wide as half the watch. Funny as hell to watch him hunched over (why, I don't know) poking tiny little buttons with his face about six inches away.

Comment Re:problems (Score 1) 197

Actually, I think that would be good. I'm pretty sure the majority of papers would drop as well because shoddy work would get you the wrong kinds of headlines and those submissions would dwindle. You can ensure that by providing in synopsis form the papers that you rejected and the reasons.

Comment Re:Trainwreck waiting to happen (Score 1) 164

Let me try to explain this in simple terms for you. People do not blame Linux for Knight's trading losses because *they do not believe* the error had nothing to do with Linux. People do blame Microsoft for the LSE outage because *they believe* it had everything to do with Microsoft.

Emphasis added. You reversed the negative on your first phrase (should have be anything), but it's still a religious argument.

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