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Comment Re:Account info? (Score 1) 250

Schools are currently known to consider expression of religious views as being bullying to others not of their religion. If I were to post on my FB that I thought that Islam was dangerous and should be stomped out, you can bet your ass they could consider that bullying.

Christianity? Not so much.

DIsclaimer: I'm atheist. I criticize all religions.

Comment Re:Can't complain about privacey (Score 2) 250

Speaking of false analogies....

We are not complaining about some Joe on the street reading your 24/7 postings and getting a chuckle or posting a vitriol laden response. We are talking about a governmental agency reading them and then intruding into your life with government backing if *they* deem what you post is unacceptable to them.

You say NSA snooping is bad and yet a school's snooping isn't. Yet both are doing the exact same thing and claiming it's "for you protection".

By the way, your using all caps and my using bold and italic are appeals to emotion.

Comment Re:Again, the ends justify the means? (Score 1) 250

You're a troll (obviously the reason you AC), but for anyone else who has followed this far:
It's relevant to the article because they are "searching for possible violence, drug use, bullying, truancy and suicidal threats.". Got that, you stupid bastard? They are searching for evidence with no crime, crime outside of school not being in their job description in the first place.

The 24/7 is an reference obvious to the literate and non-troll of the fact that a child's FaceBook account is accessed by them for them to post their personal thoughts 24/7. You purposely conflate that to the spy working 24/7. You do this because you know it to be untrue, yet it vaguely sounds as if it supports your screed. Note to you: it does not.

To educate your obviously fascist ass, in the US your personal time is of no business to an outside agency NOT involved with law enforcement and (ideally) not even them without PRIOR reason.

Regardless of their reasoning , it's called intrusion. As has become painfully obvious to anyone with their head out in the open air, our government employees from the pres to the schoolteacher have decided that they are our keepers instead of servants and that their self-appointed duty to oversee us is to our benefit. No, it is not. As relates to 'educators', this stance presents itself in their deciding what political t-shirts are allowed, which hero (God, in one case) an elementary school child may write about, which political candidate to support by having them sing creepy songs of praise ala Kim and other various dispicable acts hitting the newslines daily. And, of course, their thinking that they should surviel you for "your protection".

Simply put Snookums, it is not their fucking job.

But you either already knew all that and you're simply fascistic or you are ignorant and simply a damned fool. Both of those states of being deserve derision.

Got all that Sparky?

Am I being all mean and cndescending to you? Bet your ass. Go tell your teacher.

Comment Re:So why is MoO2 still the gold standard? (Score 1) 116

"We want to see humanoid aliens with humanoid expressions on their humanoid faces."

Who is this "we" you refer too? I would have zero problem dealing with - or empathizing with - a centipede life form. Like, say, in A Mission of Gravity, where all but one of the main characters were alien centipedes. Very engrossing.

Comment Re:Names...? (Score 1) 116

I read that sentence and 'heard' the words. I may not have interpreted them correctly phoenitcally, but that's of no relevance to the point - I heard them. They did not impede my reading of the sentence. YES, you have to provide explanations in prior passages, but that's a common occurrence in everyday reading anyway. This is why acronyms are typically expanded in parens the first time they're used in an article.

What if the bwyell and neidr are not an axe and snake, but a weapon specific to that culture and an animal specific to that realm of fiction? Now you've got "Dai swung his large bladed weapon and chopped the furry serpentine creature in half." I'd argue that's easily a step down in IQ and writing down is a bad thing (in my opinion).

What you're essentially saying is that an author should never develop a language or race with it's own language's name. I heartily disagree and you wouldn't care for my fiction either.

Imagination is key to all reading, but the text should connect as directly as possible to the reader's imagination -- understanding should be passive with as little effort as possible.

Depends on just who your target audience is.

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