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Comment Re:ha! "not acceptable" (Score 1, Insightful) 1501

When I'm speaking to someone, it is unacceptable for them to treat me with discourtesy, as I do not treat them in that manner. It is a delimitation, not an imposition. It is a statement that the *manner* in which they've chosen to present their argument is unacceptable, not the argument itself. No one has the unfettered right to abuse others in whatever manner they see fit.

Comment Re: not 'self defense' (Score 1) 1737

"Considering the wide spread racism in the south of the US..."

You're pulling that out of your ass. I contracted all over during my career and I *never* saw such raw, unadulterated racial hatred as I experienced in the NE and Chicago. Never. Yet, every time, they would spout about southern hatred. Such self-blinded people.

Comment Re:Absence of a test suite (Score 2) 641

Oh hell, I'd rather have none than some I've seen.

Worst case was being flown in to summarize a system's functionality (don't know why, but staff was terminated en-mass) only to find the documentation was photocopy pages in boxes. That's it; no folders, no color coding or anything, just loose sheets. Top that with many of the copies being so faded as to require literally fifteen minutes or so each to figure out what things were. After a week and being shown the state of things, they decided to scrap and rewrite.

OK, I do know why the staff was shown the door.

Comment Re:Solution in extensions (Score 1) 778

I come from a time before "the web" and the Internet WAS applications. ... The folly is assuming that web pages have to be applications.

You don't see the contradiction in pining for the good old days where the Internet WAS the folly you abhor?

we still had search engines. We had email. We had message systems"

And they were crap. I was there. They were crap.

So the argument in favor of making javascript mandatory is so that people who click 'like' buttons won't be inconvenienced by a slower "web experience"? "

Who are you to complain? Your argument is javascript should disappear because some coders do stupid things you don't like with it.

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