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Comment Re:Copies are not you! (Score 1) 383

"Sure the body is no longer biological"

You just shot your argument in the ass. You don't think the copy will notice when it wakes up that it's not in the same (or even similar) vessel? It will *immediately* become a different sort of being, all self acknowledged. It would also require everyone else not knowing the difference between the original and the copy. Do you have an idea as to how to get around this?

Comment Re:Copies are not you! (Score 1) 383

Then you haven't really transferred at all, have you? Plus, I have some rather severe doubts you can replace a functioning brain cell, much less replace all of the many, many billions - one (or a few) at a time. Do *you* want to go through ten thousand possibly fatal brain surgeries?

What happens if your brain cells reject the invaders and refuse to interact with them?

Comment Re:thats the idea.. (Score 1) 383

Answered long ago? Cite please. I've been aware and interested in the subject for maybe fifty years. Never heard any definite conclusions, just many debates. As someone already responded; not magic, just extremely complex and definitely not even close to being understood. So, unless you've got some new information for us on just how the brain does "its thing", that last sentence is meaningless.

Comment Re:thats the idea.. (Score 1) 383

You're basing your argument on your belief that the consciousness is actually transferred. The fact that you use the word copy belies your premise. Don't destroy the original and you now have two. One of them *must* be a fake (that would be the copy, regardless of how adamant it is that it's the "real" person). Therefore, "real consciousness" matters a great deal.

Comment Re:Ok, but... (Score 1) 383

They may not progressively replace themselves, but some die and some new ones occur. Worse, on the cellular level the dendrites change with some frequency. Even worse, we don't understand exactly how the cells decide which dendrites to fire in response to stimuli (each cell can have thousands), and - here's another fun part - the brain doesn't stop. Unless the "transfer" is instantaneous, you're not going to get a good copy. Add to all of that the fact that hormones influence the functioning and you get a real mess.

The fact that it's a copy demonstrates that it's not *you*. If the process can be made noninvasive, you inarguably get a (somewhat) mental clone, not *you*.

If I chose to do this "transfer", you can bet it will be the very last friggin' thing I do in life before death at old age, not an option I'll consider a moment before. Kinda queers the whole "getting rid of the geezers" thing.

A simulation, regardless of how detailed, is still a simulation. Anything which destroys the human body during transport (including traveling great distance or time) is not a good idea if you value the integrity of self.

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