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Comment Re:Obama Government Preparing Marshal Law Statemen (Score 1) 248

And people wonder why I hold ACs in such low regard.

Good thing you're AC, else when those things do not happen (and they won't), you'd be derided to the end of your days here.

FYI, the executive branch cannot do those things. True, it could attempt, but it does not have that authority and they would be thrown out ASAP if for no other reason than to avoid immediate and armed revolt. This is why we have gun rights in this country.

Comment Re:It's only been 40 years since Nixon (Score 1) 248

You neglect to mention that the WH had a filmmaker targeted and picked up (still not charged and still under detention). I think we care about that and the lame excuse of refusing to acknowledge the terrorists involved that enabled that sideshow is not a trivial detail.

The Tea Party is not anti taxes, just anti TOO HIGH taxes, so your entire third paragraph tanks.

I note that the only thing you find worthy of interest is the WH pulling records of reporters (liberal and Dems).

"Again I'm not a supporter of Democrats..."

Your commentary says otherwise.

Comment Re:Aging sucks (Score 1) 317

No on all counts. Aging does not suck, some people think it does. Anti-aging is a prominent research field and there is quite a bit of promise in some of the newer avenues. Aging is not a horror and does not turn the brain to Jell-O, diseases are and do. Not everyone is afflicted with them.

Comment Re:Good for you! (Score 1) 317

Difference is, that moniker has a history of posting here that can be traced back and read by anyone. An AC cannot. Whilst it is not my actual name, it's not friggin' AC. You take exception to that? Tough shit. And yes, I shall continue to be snide and smarmy to ACs boasting about themselves. Ten thousand people post AC and typing three letters at the bottom does nothing.

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