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Comment Re:One change (Score 1) 453

I would happily live with a 6mm or *gasp* 7mm device if it had a microsd slot and few extra hrs of battery life. But Apple started this race for thin game and everyone has been playing catchup ever since by sacrificing features. I filled 64gb in 3 months, most are 1-2gb games. P0rn is the one thing not on the device since I can stream that from dropbox, etc.

Comment Re:Still blown away by this new industry (Score 1) 453

I agree swipe to unlock isn't particularly innovative, but a phone that is just a giant touchscreen using only your fingers and a integrated app store is pretty revolutionary. Before apple no device brought those three features together. Blackberry had a store but the store was very limited due to the device limitations, having a large capative touchscreen on every iOS device allowed for many different kinds and styles of apps.

Comment Re:Why no iPad user "wish lists"? (Score 1) 453


Strange comment since even the newest version of iOS was largely an attempt to play catch-up with Android, since Android has more features to begin with.

Apple devices are largely for those that don't want to or need to do as much as more "nerdier" solutions, similar in a way that a Fischer-Price toy is more appropriate for a toddler than a real cell phone.

I think you meant that "apple is like a Fischer Price toy" to be an insult, but that's exactly what people want. A device that does exactly what it's mean to do and does it very well and is virtually indestructible? Um, yes please! I work with enough tech everyday, who wants yet another device that requires hacking and rooting and trouble-shooting? Not me. iOS works perfectly from the box, and they have about a billion apps and billions of case options and compatible with tons of 3rd party devices from stereos to cars to treadmills. And for a "nerdier" solution? There's an app for that, there's an app for everything! Probably several apps. If Nintendo Gameboy taught us anything it's not the features or CPU or screen, it's the apps the device runs that matters. Android is playing catchup in the app department and I have no doubt they'll beat apple someday, but today is not that day ;)

Comment Re:Why no iPad user "wish lists"? (Score 1) 453

I'd never tell a gamer to buy a Mac. But I'd also never recommend that an artist get a PC. And I'd definitely never suggest that my grandmother run linux. Each has its place.

But a gamer should buy an iPhone, the games on iOS are pretty amazing, console quality. Check out walking dead. The console and PC version is the same one as one iOS. Android not supported.

Comment Re:Steve Jobs not so right about the size (Score 1) 453

Not so right about the form factor though. The 7" tablet seems to have become the dominant one, without people filing down their fingers :), although attributing Everything to Steve Jobs without acknowledging the natural progression of technology, or what happened before it is ridiculous, or the other people who worked on the iPad. The most remarkable thing about the iPad at launch was its price :) something Apple seem to have forgotten.

Apple has sold 100 million iPads in less than 2 years.. While I would prefer a 7" tablet, it seems like a large market thinks 10" is fine.

Comment Re:Still blown away by this new industry (Score 1) 453

I was just thinking that, and take it further: thank you Apple for redefining smartphones. Smartphones sucked so bad until the iPhone came out, now every phone is practically an iPhone clone. Remember the Motorola Q or Windows Mobile? Didnt even have a marketplace, you'd just have to search for apps and hope they ran well on your device.

People seem to forget that Apple and Steve is to thank for all these devices we have now. Tablets would not have existed without the popularity of the iPhone.

Comment Re:Great, so employees can start harassing... (Score 1) 101

- Don't use linkedin at all. Telling everybody on the internet where you work is doggonne retarded.

-- Ethanol-fueled


I do NOT want strangers to know every job I ever worked! The risks of social engineering are HUGE! God forbid they call some dumb boss I had and pretend to be god knows who and get social security number or who knows what info from them. Plus stalking would be *extremely* easy with job info because I'm there more than I'm at home! Tires slashed by some nutty gf or employee from ten yrs ago and I have *no* idea why? No thanks! LinkedIn completely baffles me, people make the same information public on LinkedIn then bitch when Facebook shares it with your friends

Comment Re:History repeating itself (Score 3, Insightful) 101

Agreed. Foursquare is dying. Facebook allows check-ins, so no one is using foursquare. So if your website is dying how do you get some press coverage? Make an outrageous claim that you're going to publish the full names and locations of all of your customers! Instant news coverage! 3 days later, claim due to "public outcry" you're changing your mind! Instant hero and more press! Thousands of new users sign up to the website! Marketing Basics 101 right there

Comment Re:VERY possible! (Score 1) 49

While I agree sony sucks, very few ps3 customers care if they can put Linux on their ps3 and there is nothing people can do about malware on a PC they already bought and thats easy to remove. Instagram's new TOS was saying they own all your photos and would sell them to anyone that paid and you'd get nothing. That's a little different then what Sony did.

I believe the 25% drop due to the new TOS, because if anything people are uploading MORE pics during the holidays, not less.

Comment Re:Obvious study is obvious (Score 1) 217

My kids do 13/16 and they love it on the big screen though a HTPC. They have laptop and Samsung phones but they prefer to sit there and use the TV as a computer. If there was an 10 Foot UI linux distro the TV would get way more computer time usage between watching HULU/Netlix/Cracle, playing games/STEAM and watching video from websites.

RTFA: Netflix/crackle/YouTube/playing games is considered "watching TV", study was trying to see who was surfing with their TV, like going to /. or Facebook and reading. Your kids watching video on your tv is not "using the TV as a computer"...... unless you think computers were made for watching videos, in which case your geek card is formally revoked and you may leave thru the door on your right.

Comment Re:That high? (Score 1) 157

Israel has about the population of NYC and it will cost $140 Billion? We are talking $20,000 per person which seems incredibly high, especially when you consider the small amount of land. How can it possibly cost this much?

It doesn't, but why bother at all? Run the fiber to my house so I can hook it to my wireless router? Why not just stick with wireless to begin with? 4G is 100mbps, already faster than the 802.11g most people are using with their wifi router, why would anyone waste billions on fiber when they can just offer 4G? And 10 yrs from now we'll probably all have 5G or 6G, just five years ago in 2007 4G didn't even exist and now we all have 4G cellphones. Landlines are dead, stick with wireless.

Comment Re:Easy way to solve robots taking jobs (Score 0) 540

Problem is the grandparents are not responsible. Soon as that child becomes a parent our welfare system kicks in and they're eligible for free cellphone, free money, free health insurance, free food and free housing forever. They can get a free house and move anyone they want into the house, even rent out rooms in the house to make extra income, or move in a new boyfriend that is working, and new boyfriend now has a free house and free food. But they can never marry, because once they do they'll lose benefits, they must remain a single mother forever. I know someone that did exactly that, she had a bachelors degree but refused to work because she was receiving more $ from the govt then what she could earn, but she could not marry the guy even though he was the father of 2 of her kids.

Comment Re:Please ask google and apple to support webgl (Score -1, Troll) 83

OK genius, let's see YOU do it.

Why? Why fix their mistake? They were paid for it and decided not to do it. That's a poor excuse too "if we don't do out jobs right you should do our jobs for us!" Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, breaking dishes on purpose to get out of washing dishes.

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