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Comment Re:further reason for a popular vote (Score 1) 642

If instead of 1 political division, or even 50 political divisions, most of the power were in 10000 political divisions then government would represent its people better. The only "right" government is one where the judge, jury, and executioner is the only person in that system. A political division of 1 person. Once you add a 2nd person, a single disagreement makes for a "wrong" government.

Comment Re:Idiots gives suspended taxes (Score 1) 297

That is assuming that income is more of a function of the benefit than consumption. Also keep in mind that all income comes from consumption.

If you made $1,000,000, you or your descendants or their descendants (to infinity) would eventually spend that $1,000,000. So you will owe as a function of the income anyway. It is just harder for the US government to project revenue. But when you can borrow money at 2%, why the hell would you care?

Comment Re:Because everyone thinks they have the flu (Score 1) 72

I've had two different colds in the last month...which is very very odd. One of them was quite powerful. Many people would call it the flu. Some out of ignorance and others to make their situation sound worse than it really is...for pity. Others will say that to solidify to their bosses that they aren't going to work.

Comment Crimes (Score 0) 72

The same idea can be used to find mass shooters before they fire a bullet. We'll start arresting people based on their search and CC usage history. And mainstream America will be happy "because we're safer".

Comment Re:The main reason I'm against fracking (Score 1) 228

Except as the price of food increases, more people want to make food to get in on the profit train. You will literally see an increase in farms around the world. Same for water. As it gets more expensive, mechanisms to clean the water become not only feasible but profitable. Then supply increases.

Now if you are talking about there being no arable land or water literally escapes our atmosphere; that is a different story.

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