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Comment Wow (Score 1) 628

That's some really negative feedback.

Nevertheless, I am correct. I have a couple of smartphones that I am responsible for. One is a Nexus 4. Quadcore Snapdragon, 2 gigs of ram. That is approximately equivalent to an out of box Dell or HP from about 5 years ago. The other is a Galaxy S2. Not as good, but still decent enough to get the job done. Maybe equivalent to a second generation P4 like I used to run about 7 years ago.

"Now Stargoat," you'll say to me, "Those are really outdated and cannot run modern applications. Also, you're a horse deer."

Yes. They are outdated - kind of. I, and most users, have no need to run advanced photo imaging, or modern games. I can get a PC or Playstation for that. What I need to do is run some software in a business environment, including putty, Windows emulator, MS office, Youtube, Outlook Web Access (or some sort of slim Outlook), etc. My Nexus 4 can do all of that quite easily.

"But Stargoat, that still is not good enough for the home gamer, which is why most people buy home PCs."

Correct. But Microsoft's core business model is B2B. They seem licenses for PCs for Fortune 500 Companies. That's where their bread and butter is. And those companies, when they figure out they can eliminate buying hardware AND at the same time make their users' lives easier, are going to jump all over that bandwagon.

"Ah Ha, you did not think of security, Stargoat."

Yes, I did not. A PC is much stronger in this regard. It's large and difficult to take out of an office. However, laptops have this same problem, and it has been easily overcome. Smartphones can (and should) be encrypted. Even today, applications exist that apply GPO style forced permissions to smartphones. These will grow in ubiquitousness. I find I am unconcerned about security as it is an easily overcome problem.

"Stargoat, I need a large hard drive to store my files. And I need to be able to create DVDs and other stuff."

Servers can do this now. As can attached USB drives. This is not in any way something that is a detriment my phone dock concept. The phone dock could even contain a separate GPU to improve output.

"I see, Stargoat. You're right. I was posting before thinking. You're not a horse deer."

That's OK. Let's all do our best together and be friends.

Comment No (Score 2, Informative) 628

Microsoft cannot stop the exodus. And it is only going to speed up once smart phone docking stations become ubiquitous.

My smart phone has almost as much horsepower as my PC. There's no reason in the world why I should not be able to hook up my IBM Model M, a mouse, and a couple of large monitors to it for the purposes of media creation. Once this happens commonly, it's all over for Microsoft.

Comment Re:Immigration (Score 2) 484

Folks outside of major metropolitan areas make a little less. She wanted to live in a rural environment for her health and took a trade-off.

Heh. When she was in China, she was dying. Literally dying from the pollution / environment. About 82 pounds when she came over and losing weight every year. Came to the United States to a rural university, living as a grad student without two cents to rub together, and still put on weight.

Pulled herself up by her bootstraps. And now she's likely to get kicked out.

Comment Immigration (Score 2, Interesting) 484

My sister-in-law has been living in the United States for the past six years. She has a pair of masters in Mathematics and Economics and after graduation 2 years ago a good job, making about 50k a year. Yet she stands a decent chance of deportation because she is now in a lotto for the H1B. Why exactly are we kicking out people with masters degrees and good jobs?

This is insanity. She had a good portion of her schooling supplemented by the US Government. She is now paying taxes and is a law-abiding citizen. So they kick her out. Insanity.

How about we start by giving every masters' degree candidate an H1B and go from there? Rather than the inane 20000 then 65000 pool that exists today. Utterly inane.

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