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Comment Re:People are tired of the endless guilt trip. (Score 1) 846

You buy meat and produce in June. You buy a box of cereal in August.

Every time your family uses the box of cereal, they may be getting bacteria on their hands because of the meat and produce that were in the bag a *month* ago that has grown on the insides of the bag like an incubator.

Reusable bags are disgusting.

Comment Re:Exactly 0% argue static climate (Score 2) 846

I posted about this on my G+ feed a while back; at some point, we went from being told about Global Warming to being warned about Climate Change.

Climate Change can only be denied of course if the climate never ever changes (which it does and will) and so Climate Change advocates are always right and skeptics always wrong.

While the specifics of what Climate Change stands for may be true, the nomenclature is the problem @mwvdlee is noting I believe.

Comment Re:Fuck this industry (Score 1) 277

The fact that you think 'boxen' is a stupid term shows you're a neophyte who has no business judging computer expertise. When I hear people using good old hacker speak, I know I'm dealing with someone who has probably accumulated some digital wisdom. Also, boxen is a useful term when encompassing everything from my photo frame to a server in one term where 'computer' is too narrowly interpreted.

For everyone else:

"Boxen: An alternative pluralization of boxes. In 60-80s hacker lingo (when hacker [meant] something very different, btw), it originated from vax/vaxen (the, at the time, correct way to [refer] to two or more vax computers). Because of this unusual pluralization, it because common to use -en instead of -es or whatever else was correct for all words ending in x or with an x sound, such as soxen or socksen for more then one sock. Box was/is usually referring to a computer (pc, server, workstation, whatever)."

Comment Re:GPL requires no giving back ... (Score 1) 277

I think you phrased that wrong.

The GPL applies at all times, and requires source with any binary redistribution.

Sure, within a company, this only means making the source code available to the servers its used on, but any engineer, any developer, any QA person who uses that software has every *right* to that modified source code.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 277

I don't care if developers are dicks. Why do you?

I use his software, I like his software, and somewhere, somehow, his personality is partly to blame, so I tolerate it even when not embracing it.

I suspect that in reality, being surrounded by polite morons would be loathsome.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 277

I keep seeing people say this, and I see no logical justification for it.

Yes, it would be *nice* if everyone was polite, but for people with specific personality types, its really not worth the additional energy wasted on trying not to hurt someone's feelings. For some people, it really does require a lot of effort.

In fact, at a logical level, wouldn't it make more sense to embrace our genius developers and let them be rude and obnoxious to benefit from their abilities rather than make them change to suit us?

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