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Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

I've sold and maintain dozens (probably at least a hundred) Dell machines and it has everything to do with the machine type.

Optiplex? no arguments.
PowerEdge? no arguments.
Dimension? Days on the phone.

Also, my experience is that their chat tech support is incredibly efficient (I'm usually done within half an hour, start to finish) and their phone tech support is much slower on average.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

I never go through that checklist because I use their online chat feature instead and dump my entire diagnostics list I've done to them and then wait for them to read it.

90% of the time, they simply start a hardware replacement and send it next day.

We also only pay for 3-5 year ProSupport on all servers.

Comment Long time coming (Score 1) 139

I've been expecting this ever since we brought out DVI-D and then HDMI and Display Port. I'm in fact a little shocked its taken this long. Its really a simple concept; when the frame buffer is ready to be drawn, tell the monitor to refresh with that data, then work on the next frame. In fact, that's exactly how people think video output works already in most cases, but its not.

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