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Comment Long time coming (Score 1) 139

I've been expecting this ever since we brought out DVI-D and then HDMI and Display Port. I'm in fact a little shocked its taken this long. Its really a simple concept; when the frame buffer is ready to be drawn, tell the monitor to refresh with that data, then work on the next frame. In fact, that's exactly how people think video output works already in most cases, but its not.

Comment Re:what's the burning issue here? (Score 2) 791

Why don't we all have multiple types of power outlets, and different types of gas fittings, and various different road paint colours, and maybe some differently laid out keyboards while you're at it?

Well, we do, on a global scale, but on a local scale we've realized what a complete disaster it is not to standardize things that everyone uses every day. Standards are good for everyone.

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