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Comment Re:Thin clients (Score 1) 151

Actually your argument supports thin clients because screen and UI hardware doesn't need to upgrade with newer software so when you go from that old version of some CAD package to the new version, you upgrade the serve r(if at all) and the clients get a newer faster package with *no* work at their end. The other option is to upgrade *every* PC when you need more power to run a new package. Having done PC upgrades most of my life, I see the value in a thin client system.

Comment Re:Balderdash (Score 1) 81

We wouldn't have Linux at all without wheel reinvention, and I think that comment is generally silly. As to system management, installing and maintaining third party software adds trust and management and security issues that didn't exist in the first place, so its not all positive either. For hundreds of machines I can see the value. However, my point was for 20.

Comment Re:Balderdash (Score 1) 81

Agreed. Plus, I maintain dozens of servers with both consistent and independant user IDs. They belong to multiple companies and what with how I know BASH and git, I don't have any problems keeping it all straight either. Some people are incredibly underskilled at sysadmin life if they think 20 servers is hard to maintain.

Comment Re: Bogus argument (Score 1) 311

This has no correlation to politics. This is the software that you depend on every day to run your computer. Those of us who make an effort from a security standpoint to actually review source code realize what a real issue this is in the world. That medical device you'll depend on if you're in hospital, are you sure its not open to random worm attacks? Because some of them are. How would you review it? The answer 'make it open source' doesn't make it better if the article's points are relevant.

Comment Re:Bogus argument (Score 1) 311

Actually no, its a real issue that people should understand when they go about their lives using software. Software may not be what you think it is on any given day, and the importance of that cannot be underestimated after the number of worms, infections, trojans and other malice computers have been exposed to over the years.

Comment Re:Mobile is the future. (Score 1) 315

Thank God some of the developers still care. I'm half way through Naughty Dog's latest and I'm thoroughly enjoying it and glad I spent the money on it. I felt worse spending $5 on an RPG with sucky mobile graphics than $60 on a console game that's simply incredible. Production value matters to some people.

Comment Re:Control after you tap the app (Score 1) 315

Sure, a very few games make good money on iOS. A lot of that I suspect is novelty. http://www.insidesocialgames.com/2012/11/07/guest-post-how-much-does-the-1-game-on-the-ios-store-earn-in-a-day-199k-i-think/ In the long run, I don't think its a problem for consoles at all. I think its a market issue.

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