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Comment Re:Fix the symptom and not the problem (Score 1) 223

Simple QA survey follow up calls can resolve this behaviour.

1. Was your issue resolved on your 1st call.

2. If not was your issue eventually resolved. How many calls did it take to resolve the issue.

3. Did you find the support staff knowledgeable? (ugh the horror stories). etc etc.

A few simple questions on follow up surveys will out the folks answering calls and getting the issue delayed and calling it fixed.

Comment Re:Faulty Reasoning (Score 1) 653

Overseas is way too general. You can get some quality programming out of the Middle East, West Pac (from quality firms) and Eastern European countries. Just do your research. On the flip-side I can guarantee you can get crappy programming inside 'these' borders if you fail to research as well.

Comment Re:i think this might be a good idea if.. (Score 1) 1167

I was initially against this but then I read of IT guys getting abused as exempts. I think one should get 1.5x for OT. This forces management to plan and be accountable for overages (yeah right). This is a middle ground where you don't get OT but you don't get screwed for being exempt. I personally don't like it but it is a compromise for certain individuals.

Comment Breton might not have sent an e-mail (Score 1) 601

but how many business related e-mails have been sent by his secretary/admin assistant. Also CEOs, in general, usually don't broadcast a lot of e-mails (if they do then something is wrong). Usually your frontline, leads and managers are the ones utilizing e-mail the most. I foresee a lot of 'miscommunications" in Bretons company's near future.

Comment Re:Look no further - knfb reader and JAWS (Score 1) 134

If you go the JAWS route there are different voice options under voice adjustment. The best I've seen used are the SAPI 5 voices. They have AUS, UK, and U.S.A english voices. Set the punctuation to read back "some" or "none", and adjust the rate of speech and you no longer have to listen to a robot or Stephen H.

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