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Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 1) 385

All I can say, from a purely anecdotal position, is that the two PCs in our house almost never get used. I bought my wife a Kobo Arc for Christmas for e-reading, and within a couple of weeks she stopped using her notebook for anything other than the odd big email or document. I still use mine for working from home (mainly coding and management), but still, I prefer my Nexus 7 for reading and casual computing.

If a fair chunk of users are in the same boat my family is in, about the only time we will replace our PCs is when they croak, and considering how little they're used now compared to a year ago, I'd say that could be quite a while.

Comment Re:simple (Score 3, Insightful) 381

Can you tell me how reduced? What percentage of data theft by insiders is by whistle blowers, and what percentage is by employees out to screw employers or profit by selling sensitive information?

My gut tells me the latter far outweighs the former, but clearly you must have some notion as you say that being a good organization will seriously reduce your risk.

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