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Comment Re:simple (Score 3, Insightful) 381

Can you tell me how reduced? What percentage of data theft by insiders is by whistle blowers, and what percentage is by employees out to screw employers or profit by selling sensitive information?

My gut tells me the latter far outweighs the former, but clearly you must have some notion as you say that being a good organization will seriously reduce your risk.

Comment Re:simple (Score 1) 381

I can't quite sort out why I have been modded troll. The issue of data leaks is a big issue, even for organizations that do good (again, however you define that. I agree that Snowden was morally right to do what he did, but try to imagine a situation in which an employee nicking your data is doing it to blackmail you or sell to a competitor?

Not every person stealing your data is some glorious warrior of freedom. Most are, well, to put it bluntly, just plain criminals, and as with any kind of theft, frequently those best placed to steal your data for nefarious ends are your own employees.

Comment Re:simple (Score 4, Insightful) 381

Yes, well, perhaps in La-la Land. Here, in reality, no matter how good your organization may be (for whatever definition of "good" you choose to use), you may still end up with bad employees. The question of securing your data shouldn't be about good or evil, or any particular moral judgment, but simply about how to make sure you're critical and confidential data doesn't end up being ripped off.

Comment Re:MySQL workbench (Score 1) 10

Concur strongly: data have their shapes. Some are tabular, some are tree-shaped, some are graph-like.
Two strategies for dealing with a syntax (perhaps naively) designed for easy non-nerd legibility:
a) Encase the sillier bits into strings, and interpolate (safe) data into the strings for execution,
b) Use an API against pre-compiled command objects, where the string interpolation/compilation is a performance bore.

Comment Re:Modern morality (Score 1) 24

For a quick glance at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cloud_of_Unknowing, if not a purchase, I'm leery about any doctrine not maximizing the individual in terms of body, mind & soul.
Because while pursuing Christ is the ultimate goal of any Christian, maximizing oneself in all three dimensions is certainly the bi-product.
Things like Calvinism or heavy navel-gazing seem like Satan's judo, where the devil can't corrupt people directly enough, so they are sidelined with mumbo-jumbo.
But I haven't read the book, so I can't really get too punky about what's said therein.

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