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Secret Service Runs At "Six Sixes" Availability 248

PCM2 writes "ABC News is reporting that the US Secret Service is in dire need of server upgrades. 'Currently, 42 mission-oriented applications run on a 1980s IBM mainframe with a 68 percent performance reliability rating,' says one leaked memo. That finding was the result of an NSA study commissioned by the Secret Service to evaluate the severity of their computer problems. Curiously, upgrades to the Service's computers are being championed by Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who says he's had 'concern for a while' about the issue."

Comment Re:Why do we even take notes? (Score 3, Interesting) 569

I would defy you to pass one of my chemistry classes without attending class.

I have never had a student pass without regular attendance. I've taught at three public universities, two private colleges and physics at one public community college (so I think my student demographic has been quite diverse).

I did not REQUIRE attendance to pass, nor link grades/points to attendance in any, way shape or form. Scores/final grades were 100% performance based.

I only rarely lectured on material not in the text book, though I often presented the material differently than the text presentation.

As I told my students on the first day, "I don't care if you learn it from me, the book, your room mate or who ever, if you can do the work, you'll pass."

Generally, the people who did not attend regularly scored in the teens on the tests, or even single digits, on the tests.

Comment What's the point of being snarky (Score 1) 569

He did not say that this was the third time taking HIS class...he may have just met her.

Or maybe he (or another teacher) HAS suggested she improve her note-taking strategies. Students don't always follow the advice teachers give for succeeding in a given class.

I was teaching chemistry at a small private college a few years ago, and had one girl in class with her laptop open every day. She consistently scored in the 20's on tests.

The rest of the class sat somewhat paying attention (as much as you can in an 8:00 class, I guess), listening, writing down what I indicated was material they may wish to take note of or review later. They did MUUUUCH bettter on the tests.

Why Time Flies By As You Get Older 252

Ant notes a piece up on WBUR Boston addressing theories to explain the universal human experience that time seems to pass faster as you get older. Here's the 9-minute audio (MP3). Several explanations are tried out: that brains lay down more information for novel experiences; that the "clock" for nerve impulses in aging brains runs slower; and that each interval of time represents a diminishing fraction of life as we age.

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