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Comment Re:What the hell???!!! (Score 1) 186

Indoctrinate the children when they are young and they are yours for life. Even Hitler knew this. Not the same thing obviously, but I still don't like any political party working so hard to program children with their version of "wisdom".

I've already got the equivalent of "anti-virus software" installed in my kids. It's called Critical Thinking!!!! ;-)

Comment Re:Mature (Score 2, Insightful) 214

Yeah, how about parents being RESPONSIBLE to keep their own kids away from the "harmful content" of the Internet, if they feel that way, rather than a lone state attempting to restrict the entire world according to what they consider "decent".

The more I see from Massachusetts, the more the term "Mass Holes" apply. These issues were settled eons ago.

And let PARENTS, not the friggin' STATE, be responsible for the kids. Duh. Sick of the government trying to usurp my role as parent!!! CUT IT OUT ALREADY!

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 145


Profiling stinks, big time. And besides that, I've never heard of an Indian terrorist in the western world. So not only do their profiling stinks, it's not even accurate.


It's just an excuse for xenophobia. My word, he had to be validated by "whites" to be seen as "OK". Really makes me sick to my stomach that this kind of crap still goes on in our world.

Comment Re:The real reason theyre renting us (Score 1) 145

I saw an Amiga 2500UX once. It was a demo unit owned by Creative Equipment in Miami, but from what I remember, there really wasn't much you could actually *do* with it at the time unless you were a college professor or grad student with a Unix-related obsession. There wasn't really any commercial software for it, and I doubt whether it even shipped with the necessary libraries to build anything more ambitious than maybe "Adventure", "Spacewar", and "Life" -- all of which were undoubtedly cool in the 70s, but didn't seem very interesting compared to "Bard's Tale", "Federation of Free Traders", and "Lemmings" ;-)


Like I said, Commodore killed the development of Amiga Unix, which I think was a bonehead move on their part. Amiga Unix would been a favourite for those schools teaching CS, and the student wouldve brought Amiga Unix into the workplace once they moved on.

This is not the first time Commodore gave up a golden opportunity to get into the schools. It made the exact same bonehead mistake with the Commodore PET and Commodore 64. It handed over that market to Apple, where the grads did exactly as you'd expect -- took the Macs with them into the workplace, and the rest is history for Apple.

If you make the same major bonehead mistake twice, you deserve to die. And die Commodore did. Wonderful technology; lousy marketing.

Comment Re:What a career aspiration these guys must have (Score 1) 145

You get harassed for "being white", I get harassed for "being black", ...

If it makes you feel better ... I can see potential for using this sort of dehumanising sort of job as a punishment for some sorts of racist crime. Imagine, if it pleases you, some local Klan lord or Aryan Brother scumball (or from my side of the pond, we could send you a few members of the British Nazi Party, now that the election is nearly over) having to do his community service by being rented out to some Chinese body shop to serve as a prop representing the body form of a feared and hated minority. Well, I can see ways of using this to make life particularly miserable for people whose lives deserve to be made miserable.

Oh, there's much better ways of dealing with such types. Throw them in a prison full of the very ones the despise. The rest will take care of itself... right up there where the sun never shines.

Comment Re:Well this just proves (Score 1) 191

Close but no cigar. The gift was to the US Embassy in Moscow. The inventor was Theremin of Beach Boys fame. "The Thing, also known as the Great Seal bug, was one of the first covert listening devices (or "bugs") to use 'passive' techniques to transmit an audio signal. It is considered a predecessor of current RFID technology, because it was likewise passive, being energized and activated by electromagnetic waves from an outside source." For a second there it almost sounded like you knew what you were talking about.

Don't be snooty about it. It's been a couple of decades give or take since I read/heard about this device. I have a long memory, but sometimes it fuzzes with time.

Comment Re:Well this just proves (Score 1) 191

To be fair, it might have been just as well made by children - at least when it comes to visible parts ;p

Also, the seal device was actually hung on a wall in Soviet Union, by the US ambassador there. The interesting part made by no other but...Theremin.

Yes, I forgot about that (how could I?!!). Woooeeeoooowwww oowwwoowwoowww....

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 145

I spent 2 years in China working for a software outsourcing company. Although there were a handful of other Americans at the company, I was the only one that wasn't of Asian descent. It was funny, really -- any time important people toured the company, they'd always stop by my desk to introduce me, even though I wasn't any sort of important role. Just being the "token white guy" got me a decent amount of attention. It was quite odd.

In general, though, being "white" in China still has privileges. I was in one of the most modern cities in China (Shenzhen, near where all your iPods are made) Just a friendly smile would set young women in hysterical giggles. Random people at the bus stop would ask me if I would be their friend. The banks would let me skip the line and go to the VIP counter. My Asian-American friends, on the other hand, didn't get nearly the special treatment. While people would compliment my horrible butchering of the Chinese language, people would ask them why they couldn't speak better. Sadly, I guess that means that racism is still thriving in some parts of the world....

Reminds me of a sketch Eddie Murphy did once about painting himself as a "white guy" and everyone started treating him with all these privileges. I hear something similar happens in India, too. But there is has more to do with being "American" than being "white".

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