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Comment Re:And nothing of value is lost (Score 1) 454

As I understand it, that's Murdoch's point (or hope, anyway). He's not been able to make enough money off his news sites through advertisement based revenue streams, so now he's going to try and make people pay for the content and make his money that way. That only works if the content is not available for free elsewhere, even if it's only the first paragraph on a news indexer like Google's site as that is all many people would read.

Maybe they should borrow less, pay the board less, maybe pay senior manages less, their expectations might be a bit tooo high....

Comment Morals or Money (Score 1) 432

So it comes down to doing the right thing or going for the money.

My Guess in the long run, bad for Google. China will at some point of time outstrip the US, specially when they don't open up their markets for example the pegged rmb. Some company will fill the gap in China and they will grow bigger than Google. Look at the telco how big are they :)

This presumes that India take quite a while to come on line - which it looks like they are slow to get the ball rolling.

But cudos to Google, they are doing the right thing which is why I would/do buy from google. and why I feel like I can trust google, keep it up guys you have my support :)

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