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Journal Journal: Wow that was fast

Within a half hour, I got a story rejected. My original Jolt Finder story must be lost or something. Pending for almost FOUR MONTHS now.

Here is the rejected story:


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Journal Journal: Jolt Finder Promo

Here is the article I submitted on Monday October 18, @03:39PM and is still pending. I am submitting a Jolt related story today, and hope that people may click on my journal and see it.


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Journal Journal: Meta-Modding

One of my favorite thing to do on slashdot is to find unfair mods of "troll" in meta-moderating. I have one -1 Troll post, and I think it unfair, so I take glee, when I see an unfair rating of troll, I really do.

Jolt Finder story is still pending.

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Journal Journal: Interesting

Story about light-graffiti: approved in 10 hours.

Story about Jolt Finder: Still Pending after three weeks.

Just sayin....

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Journal Journal: Agony of waiting revisited

OK, 10 days and still pending. This is a GOOD sign, right? RIGHT? I mean if they hated it, it would have been rejected by now....



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Journal Journal: The agony of waiting

So I was lead to believe that story submissions would be accepted or rejected in hours. Its been two days. I'm hoping this is a good sign, that maybe they are "saving it" for a slow day (is there such a thing?) or as a "quickie" whatever that is.

Its agony to see it "pending" for two days though, agony.

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Journal Journal: Story Submitted

So I submitted a story about Jolt Finder to slashdot today. Now I am waiting to see if its approved or rejected.

If it is rejected, I will be disapointed, but a little relieved, and probably think Jolt Finder was a waste of time. If its accepted ... well... I'll be very very happy.


Journal Journal: Jolt Finder Launch

Well, I reset the database and took Jolt Finder out of beta, and am now hoping that it will take off and work. I will be working on a "press release" / story to submit for the front page.

(crossing fingers)

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Journal Journal: Musing on Bits and Bytes and relation to coinage

So I see something totally clueless in a slashdot user's .sig the other day:

10 Bits= $.25 100 Bits= $.50 110 Bits= $.75 1000 Bits= 1 byte

Man this guy is wrong on so many fronts. If it is suppossed to be a joke, the humor has escaped me. The math is bad. The conversions incorrect. But it did trip my mind into thinking of the relationship between the shave and hair cut, 2 bits, and 8 bits in a Byte.

So the quick conversion:

United States

Journal Journal: LAN Party Platform version 1.0 Beta

Hear ye, Hear ye, the founder of the Liberty and Networking Party (LAN Party) will now shoot off the cuff and craft the Platform version 1.0 Beta! Know ye that comments are welcome!

1 : Social Issues
Social Issues are based upon the assertion that the United States of America is the Richest Nation on Earth, and that a LAN Party government would use these resources for the benefit of all citizens, residents, and temporary visitors.

United States

Journal Journal: Same thing we do every night....

So, I can no longer support the Libertarian party. It was a good ride, but in the ideal Libertarian world, we would have Liberties, yes, but Wal Mart would run the world. No thank you.

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