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Comment warning: misleading by-line! (Score 1) 434

nowhere in the linked articles are references to the emergency services numbers (911 in USA, 000 in Australia). While including these references has made for some funny posts, it really is quite misleading.

the second link talks specifically about bravehearts, which is a childrens help service for all kinds of abuse. there are also services like the kids help line, a well known Australian organisation along similar lines. My understanding is this "panic button" would relay to these sort of services, which is quite appropriate.

So thanks for the laughs, but how about giving more representative by-lines? I know it's asking a lot...

Submission + - Schools Placing at 99th Percentile for Cheating 3

theodp writes: "Time reports that sometimes No-Child-Left-Behind really means No-Test-Scores-Left-Behind, creating opportunities for data forensics firms like Caveon (check out their Ten Most Wanted Cheaters poster). Take Houston's Forest Brook H.S., which was a shining example of school reform. In 2005, after years of rock-bottom test scores, 95% of its 11th graders passed the state science test. Teachers were praised and the school was awarded a $165,000 grant by the governor. But an investigation found a host of irregularities and last year's testing was monitored by an outside agency. Test scores plunged and only 39% passed science."

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