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Comment Limited Options (Score 3, Interesting) 341

If you are providing ongoing work, use that as leverage. Inform the client that work will cease until they are current, this is VERY effective if there are open issues that the client wants fixed.

You could also send them an invoice along with a letter stating that the invoice is overdue and will go into collections if not paid within 30 days. You should be able to find a collection agency pretty easily, many of them work by buying the debt from you at ~25 cents on the dollar. Many companies will try to avoid collection as it will impact their D&B rating.

Submission + - Best flooring solution for home office

cob666 writes: The linoleum flooring in our home office needs to be replaced, it was installed about 15 years ago, long before we bought the house. The flooring will be going down on top of a wood sub-floor. I've done some research and it seems that a nice engineered click flooring is our best option but we should still use chair mats under the rolling chairs. I installed and refinished hardwood floors for close to 10 years but that was almost 20 years ago so I have very little first hand experience with the newer products. I did install a laminate flooring in the upstairs bedrooms but that doesn't seem durable enough for a home office. I'm also not sure if we should float the floor or glue it down or what type of cushion / barrier to use if we do float it. My question for the Slashdot community is: If you've recently re-floored your home office, what type of flooring did you decide to go with and why? How durable is your new floor and is it wearing how you thought it would? If you aren't happy with how your floor came out, what would you change to make it 'right'?

Comment Re:Creates a near monopoly (Score 1) 268

Now, in addition to the expense of paying for a Sales & Use tax for I believe it's 45 states, I have to pay a third party to process all my sales tax forms. Also, because not all states are standardized, you will also have to pay for a service that provides sales tax information for states that calculate sales tax based on location.

The point I'm trying to make is that most states that have a sales tax ALREADY require that residents pay the tax for purchases made out of state. There is no reason why states can't simply start enforcing these laws.

Comment Re:Shrug (Score 4, Informative) 424

If they were, then she's protected by free speech.

Freedom of Speech has NOTHING to do with this case. Freedom of Speech applies only to the governments ability to restrict speech and doesn't apply to what you can say in an online forum. If what she said is in fact true then libel doesn't apply because truth is an absolute defense against libel and slander.

Comment Re:Creates a near monopoly (Score 4, Insightful) 268

It's not JUST calculating the tax. Every business would have to have a Sales Tax ID for every state that collects sales tax, those aren't free and some states require you to pay a yearly renewal for said privilege. Also, many states require you to file quarterly, but not calendar quarterly, quarterly based on the state's fiscal year.

Comment Re:Many of the same flaws, some new ones (Score 2) 295

The column browser is gone, just gone inside a playlist. I have some very large playlists. I want to be able to use the column browser within that playlist. I now have to go outside the playlist to the library view and use that, hoping I remember correctly the criteria that form the smart playlists.

I just tried this and if you select a playlist, you can still go into View / Column Browser / Show Column Browser

Comment Re:Samsung's accusations (Score 4, Insightful) 208

Fair enough. What then would a layman call "introduction of testimony from experience(s) outside of the trial to the jury, to directly affect the outcome of the jury's decision" and does that term change if the person responsible for this is the jury foreman?

There is no definition for this because this type of 'evidence' does not exist. Evidence must be presented in court and the introduction of said evidence must follow rules regarding its admission.

At the very least he ignored the judge's orders and should be held in contempt.

Comment (Score 1) 217

I hope you're being sarcastic. How are you supposed to play an online game without having an account? That would be like wanting to play Mafia Wars on Facebook without having to log into Facebook. I'm not a big fan of Blizzard but this lawsuit is total bullshit.

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