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Comment 2nd Amendment (Score -1) 1130

Training? BS! The government has NUMEROUS "fake cities" all over the USA for this purpose. They are doing this, as training, but not for overseas deployment, but for the day that either Obama, or some other president, enacts Marshall law, takes away your rights, guns, and forces you do OBEY their orders. THIS my friends, is one of the reasons for the 2nd amendment. They would have done this long ago, if not for the fact that there are millions of firearms in private hands. In WW2 a Japanese Admiral, Yamamoto was asked about invading the USA, and he basically said it wouldn't be worth it, because behind every door was someone with a gun!

Comment Will NEVER happen (Score -1) 285

I've been in the photocopier, printer, fax business for over 30 years. I've seen these paperless office ideas come and go for the entire time. In the mid/late 80's there was the governments "paperwork reduction act" that increased my volumes. Then, the government passed the HIPPA law and my volumes increased. A few years ago, the entire industry went to a multi-connected device that can scan, fax, copy, print...people were suppose to scan their documents instead of printing them. My volumes went up again. Every time the government comes out with new rules, changes the laws, my volumes go UP, not down. Most of it, in my opinion is that bureaucrats, be they in private companies or government, "need" paperwork to justify their jobs. Also, you run into the old problem with "we've always done it that way" people. In the early 80's as fax machines became popular, people would not purchase them, because they always had a messenger service. Now we can't get them to use scan to email because...yep, you guessed it, "we've always had a fax machine". People are comfortable with paperwork for some odd reason, even though 99% of it probably ends up in a shredder somewhere. Even though my business is paper, I keep all of my documents on PDF, if for anything else, they are SEARCHABLE instead of having to FIND it in a pile of papers.

Comment Idiots (Score -1) 315

Unless the cars don't have that little thingy under the door handle, they could just use the key to open it. He was broadcasting on 104.7mhz, lets say his sidebands were within tolerance... Anyone know what frequency those key FOBS use? 2.4ghz? That's some harmonic to get into those to screw them up....

Comment in 1975, when I was in High school (Score -1, Troll) 336

Time magazine & researchers were telling us what to do about the upcoming ICE AGE, and how to survive it. Now, the same idiots are telling us about global warming (whoops...climate change). The earth goes through cycles....and it is billions of years old. 5-10 years of data is but a blink in cosmic time.

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