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Comment Re: HELP ME UNDERSTAND (Score 0) 186

Bullshit. If this guy had a grudge against patent violation due to previous experience, that's one issue, but saying that a 20-year-old case against a different company has any relevance here is a major stretch. And saying he had a tangle with Samsung when the case was with Seagate is utterly disingenuous.

No, this whole discussion is a religious war, pure and simple. Admit that and conduct yourselves with some honesty, for goodness sake. Yeah, we get it, you guys hate Apple and have a boner for Google. But it's really really boring to watch you twist every discussion and article on the web towards your agenda.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score -1, Flamebait) 738

And another thing. Google, at whose altar you probably worship, is a motherfucking ADVERTISING company. And guess what one of their activities is? If you said "video ads" then you're correct! And guess who originates many of the video ads that my company's tech serves? Well, I'll be damned if it ain't, you guessed it, GOOGLE.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score 1) 738

Browser stats, sir. We have moved on to browser stats. Nobody cares about your explanation for my train ride experience, as it's nothing more than an anecdote, and I only offered it as such.

So, have you an explanation for the fact that Wikipedia sees a half to a third of the worldwide traffic from Android as it does from iOS? Are two-thirds of those Android devices being used on some other internet? Do Android users simply not like browsing, as one idiot anonymous poster claimed above? Surely you cannot claim that Wikipedia is biased towards iOS users.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score -1, Flamebait) 738

What the fuck does browser usage have to do with market share of a browsing device? Figure it out.

Yeah, advertising is annoying I agree. Sorry about that. But video ads are coming to the internet and that includes mobile devices. And I need a job, and this is a good one. So, fuck you too.

Enjoy hating the ads, I'm sure they will get you all lathered up.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score 1) 738

I'm not talking about an app, I'm talking about a free mobile SDK for each platform, targeted at an existing customer base that spans the media and entertainment industries. Big names that you know, not a bunch of iOS developers that we have marketed to.

Sure it's anecdotal, I'm just saying we have had literally no interest in video advertising on Android, versus quite a bit on iOS. To me, that's a clear indication that Android is a less relevant platform in terms of usage. You're going to see that as baseless because you want Android to "win". But that's your issue.

Yeah, the train thing is completely anecdotal, but no more so than your statement that I see what I want to see. All I know is I look around and indefinitely do NOT see 68% Android. Maybe you're the one with Google-colored glasses on.

What's not anecdotal is browser stats. So...what's your explanation there?

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