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XBox (Games)

Submission + - Lawsuit about scratched Xbox 360 discs (

DaMan1970 writes: "A class-action suit has been filed against Microsoft by Jorge Brouwer from the US who claims that Xbox 360s scratch game discs, making them unusable. Scratched Xbox 360 discs Many users have been affected by this & have complained to Microsoft about the problem, the suit claims (cv-60950-JIC) Also a Dutch tv program called Kassa claims several Xbox 360s do make a big round scratch on discs. Jack Evans, a Microsoft spokesman, stated about these complaints; "Out of the millions of Xbox consoles in use, Microsoft has not received any widespread reports of Xbox 360s scratching discs""

Submission + - The Galaxies Need You Now ! (

hansley writes: "We need the help of all slashdotters to scour the galaxies and name them in the name of 'man'. well sort of..anyway, we need your help to test couple of theories on how galaxies evolved and how to classify them (the exciting bit)."

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