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Comment I'm having a vision of the future... (Score 1) 470

Despite this being the largest systematic fraud in human history, not a single person involved will be executed. Not a single one will be sent to prison. Perhaps a designated sword-faller will be charged with something... but there will be no fines of any actual import, no laws passed that mandate harsh punishments in the future, in short no meaningful action of any kind.

Well ain't I psychic.

jump you fuckers

Comment Re:How is this spoiling? (Score 1) 165

Not for anyone who was remotely informed of matters by the reality-based faction of media/pollsters.

I understand that it came as a bit of a shocker to some people who refused to listen, but that's the wonderful thing about Reality - it's that which still remains when you stop fantasizing about it.

Comment Re:easy (Score 1) 171

This whole discussion is completely null anyway, since the FRW's "expanding universe" scale factor only applies to a universe filled with a perfectly homogeneous mixture of baryons, radiation, and dark matter.

This is true overall of the universe, such that its scale factor is growing and taking galaxy clusters apart from one another. However the metric surrounding gravitationally bound objects is not dialating the same way, because the local matter density is high enough to stop it and because the FRW equations in that case are no longer valid since position independence is broken.

This is why in the Distant Future (1e12 years and beyond) the local cluster of galaxies will still be here but everything else will have receeded past the lightspeed horizon (or photons been redshifted beyond any detection). It's quite remarkable that we live in a period of the universe when we can still observe the echos of its creation; In the distant future it will be literally impossible to gather any evidence that we don't live in an eternal, infinite anti-deSitter (or is it deSitter?) space

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

Smart enough to know that advanced degrees in the hard sciences are considered an impressive acheivement, but dumb enough to think that you can get the equivalent knowledge from reading online PDF slideshows and watching online lecture videos on the weekend. (Look mommy, I can be condescending too!)

I and most of my colleagues routinely work on equipment that costs more than your house, bro, because we've proven we can be trusted to and that we're smart enough to actually do something with it.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

Because cutting taxes during boom times when people no longer need social services, then raising them during recessions when people end up out of work, is not the exact opposite of what you want to do. It will in no way turn the business cycle into a cycle of alternating wild booms and depressions.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 5, Insightful) 1059

I see the lie about how the poor "pay no taxes" is out in force.

Guess what? Between Social Security, FICA, sales taxes, gas tax and other local taxes, the poor pay quite close to as large a fraction of their income in taxes as the rich do. Sure as hell more than the 15% rate on the capital gains that aren't hidden in Switzerland or Grand Cayman.

And unlike someone born rich, who has never been deprived of anything in their entire life, who goes around thinking about what a self-made-man they are and how they personally earned everything they have (while quietly not recognizing the hundred dozen government services that keep them safe and make their wealth possible), seeing 20% or 30% of my $20K/yr grad student salary disappear off the check stub actually hurts. So please spare us the tears about how you hate "funding" the people who do all the society-enabling tasks that are beneath your notice - often enough two or three of them at once since the days of a blue collar job reasonably supporting a family are Grandpa's fading memories - because you might have to light your cigars with jacksons instead of benjamins.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 2, Insightful) 1059

$UNSUBSTANTITED_ANECDOES. My unsubstantiated anecdotes cancel yours.

The NY Post very recently had one of these types of pieces. We were supposed to be outraged - OUTRAGED - that out of the one hundred million welfare transactions they obtained under FOIA, they found dozens of cases of money being withdrawn in places that sell cigs, booze or lapdances (no proof it was spent there, mind, just withdrawn from ATMs that happened to be there).

But keep blaming the poor. I'm sure that all the money the rich save from having the estate tax eliminated and their capital gains tax reduced even further below the lowest income tax rate will trickle down any day now. I mean, we've been waiting 30 years, there's got to be a ton of it up there, just waiting to rain down on us in a shower of gold. And then supply-side jesus will return, and the nasty poor people will have no more excuses.

You see, that's the unavoidable problem. We've been doing what the right wingers want to do economically for 30 years... And it's failed, catastrophically. Time to go back while we can still recover.

Comment Re:why not use meat (Score 4, Interesting) 260

If the area currently devoted to making feed for ruminants weren't needed for that, we wouldn't be farming grass and alfalfa on it now would we?

Regardless, you can't deny that the biological growth process is staggeringly inefficient from an energy in / energy in biomass standpoint. There's a reason why prey:predator biomass relationships tend to fan in something like 100:1 per level. It's possible given a large effort to farm a whole bunch of meat, but we're doing severe damage to water tables, river systems and everything within 100 miles of the Mississippi river delta due to farm runoff, a significant part of which is making feedstock for animals.

And no, I'm not confused about why I have sharp front teeth and I enjoy a good steak'n'taters as much as anyone. I simply see a situation whose energy/resource consumption is a Bad Idea (tm) in an era of imminent resource constraints. We should eat meat, but a whole lot less would be much healthier.

Comment Re:why not use meat (Score 2, Informative) 260

Because the resource consumption rates needed to make it the natural way cannot continue.

People have no idea the absolutely unbelievable amount of agricultural and hydrological resources the world pours down a veritable black hole to make meat. Put it this way: The amount of grain and water it takes to raise the meat eaten by Americans alone could feed everyone in the entire world.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 370

"If you are looking for a low stress profession you may as well choose the academic career and opt to avoid any stress within it. Chances are you will succeed, which cannot be said about mostly everything else you decide to work at."

Know how I know you've never, ever worked in academia? If you "avoid stress" you will (1) never get the grades to be admitted to grad school, (2) never succeed in getting your PhD, (3) never find a postdoctoral position, (4) never pass any faculty's interview process for a tenure-track position and of course (5) never be granted tenure.

Maybe my advisor is going "low-stress" though. He's not too many years from retiring, and I'm fairly sure he's working less than 10 hours a day every day...

Comment Re:Give them a bit of credit .... (Score 1) 449

But the sandy bridge shooter didn't play violent video games... He played star craft.. His brother was the one who did, so the media thought he did the shooting. They blamed the shooting on the wrong person because the media is retarded.

They blamed the shooting on the wrong person because the media is retarded.

The media is retarded.

Sadly, all that needs to be said about the media's handling of this. And most of everything else.

Comment Re:And this too shall pass away. (Score 3, Insightful) 639

You realize America is trying to run a first-world state with taxes that are around half of what they are almost anywhere else in the developed world?

This is the horrible thing about the current Republicans operate... Break program X, whatever X was going continues to coast on inertia in the short term, they brag about how we obviously didn't need X. Then of course the fallout lands, but by then it's too late, because X is Big Gubbermint Soc'lisms now.

Well, 30 years of "the wealth will trickle down" are now coming back to haunt us. 30 years of "if we only cut taxes enough we'll be more prosperous" is now coming back to haunt us. 30 years of blind faith in the Invisible Hand are haunting us. Starting two land wars, and then cutting taxes instead of passing a war tax (the first time in American history any administration has been so staggeringly foolish) are coming back to haunt us.

We may not like it, but taxes are the price of civilization.

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