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Comment Re:And this too shall pass away. (Score 3, Insightful) 639

You realize America is trying to run a first-world state with taxes that are around half of what they are almost anywhere else in the developed world?

This is the horrible thing about the current Republicans operate... Break program X, whatever X was going continues to coast on inertia in the short term, they brag about how we obviously didn't need X. Then of course the fallout lands, but by then it's too late, because X is Big Gubbermint Soc'lisms now.

Well, 30 years of "the wealth will trickle down" are now coming back to haunt us. 30 years of "if we only cut taxes enough we'll be more prosperous" is now coming back to haunt us. 30 years of blind faith in the Invisible Hand are haunting us. Starting two land wars, and then cutting taxes instead of passing a war tax (the first time in American history any administration has been so staggeringly foolish) are coming back to haunt us.

We may not like it, but taxes are the price of civilization.

Comment Re:A bit of advice to OWS types (Score 2) 584

Corporations once threatened any US state or country that did anything about improving the lives of its workers with moving the factory out of town. This was a central argument of Theodore Roosevelt calling for national regulatory laws.

Now they threaten any (developed) country that attempts to protect its workers in exactly the same manner, and we're supposed to just suck it up as we're reduced to poverty and the .1% go from controlling half the wealth in the country to controlling three quarters of it?

Comment Re:OWS was a joke (Score 1) 584

In France today they have decided to tax the rich to support the government - a futile policy that Mr. Obama seems to be leaning towards.

Now let's be honest: Hollande's proposed confiscatory 75% tax (which was just ruled unconstitutional) is in no way comparable to President Obama saying that we should let the top income tax bracket rise a few percent as a result of the profoundly ill-advised Bush tax cuts expiring.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1, Funny) 215

*the White House and 10 Downing Street are vaporized by terrorist nukes*

The CIA/NSA/MI6/etc: "My god, we brought this on ourselves by taking actions that made other people hate us! We have to immediately restore the bill of rights tenfold, dismantle the illegal spying programs, and recall our troops from around the world!"

Were you dropped on your head as a child, by any chance?

Comment Re:The most wonderful exclamation in science (Score 5, Interesting) 73

The problem is that if there is no New Physics in the Higgs, the next stage where we predict New Physics is the strong force unification scale that would require an accelerator a trillion times more powerful than the LHC to explore. We're talking a particle accelerator the diameter of the asteroid belt.

But there's still hope in the TeV-per-parton scale the upgraded LHC will be able to reach in terms of finding what keeps the Top mass in check. Plus, dark matter's got to be made of something goddamnit, and it's hopefully not just cold neutrinos.

And of course, there may be new shit that we haven't even considered yet!

Comment (Score 4, Insightful) 346

"The other position." Is that the one when they start talking about a person who's simultaneously a socialist fascist stalinist nazi, empty suit evil manipulative genius, god-hating atheist antichrist with an Angry Black Man for a pastor, who (despite being an empty suit) will surely crush America under social security administration tyranny with an iron fist after duping the entire American legal system into covering up his Kenyan past (despite having held no government position that would remotely give him such power at the time) but (despite being an evil genius) can't speak without a teleprompter, who's surely coming for your guns (And if anyone points out he hasn't made a single move to, it's proof he's planning to)...

One would think that it's obvious that no one else defends this viewpoint because this viewpoint is manifestly insane, bringing to mind the delusional/hallucinating aspect of psychosis.

Comment Re:Republicans hate the UN (Score 2) 297

Your thesis is irrelevant. Do you think it would get better if China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia were given a hand in the matter?

And I must also point out that this is part of the irritating "I have absolutely no idea what so ever how good I have it in the US and how bad it is in a lot of other places, but I'm going to point out every failure of the US as proof of how horrible it is" horse-shit that gets pureed into a fine mist and coats everything in these kinds of threads. That attitude is what makes it so pitiably easy for a lot of people to dismiss otherwise legitimate left leaning arguments as "hating America" because that's exactly what it sounds like when you bend over backwards to point out that America is exactly equally as bad as $OTHER_BADDIE.

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