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Comment Re:Weird priorities.... (Score 1) 523


My laptop's internal keyboard handles nine before it dies. This Apple Aluminum only handles five.

Still, I'm finding it hard to imagine how I'd hit even five at once. I suppose I might get four, with ctrl+space and two directions -- which would correspond to a diagonal crouch-jump (or long jump) in Half-Life.

I play an MMO, and it tends to do things not through combinations of keypresses, but through sequences.

What games would require more keypresses than that?

Comment Re:Zzzzzz (Score 2, Interesting) 198

Even if they were new, five are Linux distributions. And that's not counting Android.

Yeah, Linux is cool, distributions are cool, but you'd think they would show some variety. Coolest one I've seen all year -- that is new -- is Archaeopteryx. Perhaps not a big deal, but weren't they doing the 10 coolest projects, not the 10 most important projects?

Comment Re:Proof that competition is good (Score 1) 307

What is this "Ubunta" you speak of?

Sorry to be pedantic, but it just bothers me when so many people manage to misspell such a simple word. All phonetic, too -- none of those tricky English spellings. Say it with me -- oo boon too. Not oo boon tah.

And yes, I'm pretty sure you're talking about popularity-contest, which I mentioned. I don't actually participate in those, by the way.

Comment Re:Weird priorities.... (Score 1) 523

I had to explain she can press forward and right at the same time to move at an angle, but pressing forward and backward at the same time does nothing.

In other words: It's hard for the same reasons an NES controller is hard, and could really only be improved by a joystick, not by a special "gaming keyboard".

The polite answer is, the only thing that's "intuitive" is a nipple. You had to learn to drive a car, too, and you certainly weren't born knowing how to type. If nothing else, WASD makes sense as long as QWERTY does -- it's what people know, if anything. Better something that some people are familiar with and others have to learn, than something no one is familiar with. (Disclaimer: I use Dvorak.)

The somewhat less polite answer is a question: Is your girlfriend an idiot? Just what did she expect to happen when you press forward and backward at the same time? That her character would fly straight up?

Comment Re:Werd (Score 1) 785

I'm really glad my iPod has never locked up.. (like 20 times or so).

What makes this such an epic fail is not just that it's "locked up" -- no, it's completely unusable. There is a fix which involves taking it half apart to perform a "hard reset", after which it will work -- until you try to plug it into a computer, which will kill it again.

That, and the fact that everyone's 30 gig Zune, everywhere, seems to be having the same problem. I certainly don't remember that ever happening to even a single line of iPods.

the more complex the machine, the more chances it has to break.

That is a cop-out. I suspect it has more to do with the fact that despite problems like this, people keep buying Microsoft products -- so what incentive do they have to spend the extra time/money to get it right the first time?

Microsoft is certainly not the only one, though they are the most visible. Case in point: People bought new computers with Vista. Worse than that, a surprising number of tech-conscious people bought Vista itself.

Comment Re:Can we say "Virus"? (Score 1) 785

And we all know that no Microsoft product has ever failed for a reason other than a security issue? (*cough* BSOD!)

No, it really doesn't sound like a virus. Sorry, but there's no way that many Zunes got infected all at once -- and what's more, there's not really a lot of incentive to develop such a virus. A simple bug is more likely.

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 2, Interesting) 630

So, if an 18-year-old has sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend, who he later marries, he's a "pervert" who is most likely to fuck 17-year-olds repeatedly, and has no right to a private life?

What if it's This 18-year-old and his 15-year-old girlfriend? He deserves all that for being born 15 days too early? (Sorry for linking to a blog; the actual story seems to be a dead link.)

I mean, you're dead wrong about real sex offenders being likely to do it again, anyway. But the larger problem here is, the definition of "sex offender" is broken.

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