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Comment Thank you, Sique (Score 1) 392

These bozos and rubes making such inane comments have no idea how the super-rich "earn" their wealth, by rigging ALL the financial markets (LIBOR rates, interest rate derivatives rates, precious metals markets, forex, commodities speculation/manipulation, virtual naked short selling through the DTCC's Stock Borrow Program, internalization --- where the top brokerages sell almost 100% of their retail stock orders everyday to the top banks and hedge funds, where they control the matching internally on their own computer systems, or "dark pools" and therefore have insider knowledge of the market, etc., etc., etc.). Bet the commenter has no idea how naked swaps work!

Comment Lies, thy name is McKinsey and Company and McKinse (Score 2) 392

Read The Billionaire's Apprentice, paying close attention to p. 139 where Gupta explains how at McKinsey they took the GDP of America (and Germany) and broke down all the jobs which could be offshored, then made their big bucks selling corporations on offshoring them (which didn't really take much selling, after all).

Comment Comment on this story... (Score 1) 94

Just a thought: Intel and MITRE are both Rockefeller companies (the majority share holders in both Apple and Intel were originally the Rockefeller family, by way of Laurence Rockefeller, and I've yet to see anything suggesting that has changed). And, the owners of the semiconductor company (Freescale Semiconductor) well-represented on that missing Malaysian MH 370 flight are the Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group (Blackstone Group began with seed money from David Rockefeller, and its co-founder, Peter G. Peterson, has long been his protege). Interesting confluence of ownership and financing?

Comment Re:How about we disband the Dept of Education? (Score 1) 295

Negative, although this isn't a positive move, it is to further defund education in America for the masses. The ONLY way to move towards a real smidgen of meritocracy would be to nationalize American education systems, and enforce an equitable spread of financing not dependent upon local property values.

Comment Further Obama bullcrap (Score 0) 295

During the Obama Administration great "progress" has been made in the erosion of public education, a k a the privatization of American education for the benefit of Wall Street, to the detriment of any semblance of social mobility (which the USA ranks last in on the OECD countries' chart) and meritocracy. Just as they are downsizing community colleges to greatly increase economic disadvantage (most noticeable in California) so too is this yet another way to defund education in America.

Obviously, holding colleges accountable for Wall Street is the most ludicrous and most blatant form of economic warfare conceivable!

Comment Re:Gates is a 1%er He wants us oppressed. (Score 2) 335

Thank you, Micro$oft donates to American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc., according to their tax returns (and this has been online for a number of years now, so don't any of the usual douchetard trolls request the link, you know how to use Google, morons), with the directors being David Rockefeller, international war criminal, Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle.

Comment Well, yaaaah, doood.... (Score 1) 382

...perhaps you should start paying attention to the International News, not Doofus News USA, for a change? With 24 hours it was obvious what was going on, but as long as you listen to either Fox or Fox Lite (CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc.), you will continue to sound like a douchetard, no offense meant, just stating the obvious here.

ALL THE TECHNICAL DATA suggests sky heist, sky heist, sky heist, as well as the cargo manifest and passenger manifest. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Were they working on what was considered a radically new chip, as in computer chip. Were they transporting the prototype, for whatever reason since you'd think they'd use a private jet, aboard Flight 370? (Answers: Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group --- yes --- yes)

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