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Comment Re:How about we disband the Dept of Education? (Score 1) 295

Negative, although this isn't a positive move, it is to further defund education in America for the masses. The ONLY way to move towards a real smidgen of meritocracy would be to nationalize American education systems, and enforce an equitable spread of financing not dependent upon local property values.

Comment Further Obama bullcrap (Score 0) 295

During the Obama Administration great "progress" has been made in the erosion of public education, a k a the privatization of American education for the benefit of Wall Street, to the detriment of any semblance of social mobility (which the USA ranks last in on the OECD countries' chart) and meritocracy. Just as they are downsizing community colleges to greatly increase economic disadvantage (most noticeable in California) so too is this yet another way to defund education in America.

Obviously, holding colleges accountable for Wall Street is the most ludicrous and most blatant form of economic warfare conceivable!

Comment Re:Gates is a 1%er He wants us oppressed. (Score 2) 335

Thank you, Micro$oft donates to American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc., according to their tax returns (and this has been online for a number of years now, so don't any of the usual douchetard trolls request the link, you know how to use Google, morons), with the directors being David Rockefeller, international war criminal, Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle.

Comment Well, yaaaah, doood.... (Score 1) 382

...perhaps you should start paying attention to the International News, not Doofus News USA, for a change? With 24 hours it was obvious what was going on, but as long as you listen to either Fox or Fox Lite (CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc.), you will continue to sound like a douchetard, no offense meant, just stating the obvious here.

ALL THE TECHNICAL DATA suggests sky heist, sky heist, sky heist, as well as the cargo manifest and passenger manifest. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Were they working on what was considered a radically new chip, as in computer chip. Were they transporting the prototype, for whatever reason since you'd think they'd use a private jet, aboard Flight 370? (Answers: Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group --- yes --- yes)

Comment Re:Turns out, no. (Score 1) 382

Typical 'tards today are indoctrinated to respond to everything with either "debunked" or "conspiracy theory" --- so very, very stupid. I was explaining the technical aspects to a young, typically American female airhead (early 20s in age) and her robotic response was: sounds like conspiracy theory --- they cannot help themselves, they really are just that stupid. Thanks for your clarification for the masses, though.

Comment Already confirmed by satellite (Score 2) 382

Naturally, this has already been confirmed by one satellite (that 370 flew for 4 to 5 more hours and then landed, but it would take two more satellites receiving the aircraft's transmissions, at the same time, to triangulate where it landed at). Obviously, by this time even the dumbest of the dumb (that would be the typical American) should realize this was a sky heist or air heist not a hijacking, most likely involving the AC (aircraft commander) and perhaps both pilots. There was something mighty valuable aboard that bird, and since the cargo manifest included special handling instructions for a container of highly sensitive digital electronics, the rumor that a radically new chip was aboard might be true. If such a chip prototype were being transported on a passenger flight, instead of a private jet, it begs the question whether the Freescale Semiconductor engineers were taking it to China for manufacturing purposes, or to hand off to the Chinese government. We do know that Freescale Semiconductor is owned by the Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group (with investments by AIG) and whenever you have the Carlyle Group, murky things happen, and times one thousand when the Blackstone Group is involved, because, really, the Carlyle Group is simply a subset of the Blackstone Group, as anyone familiar with the two private equity/leveraged buyout firms will attest.

Comment But what about . . . (Score 1) 235

. . the Federal Reserve? That was supposed to be the number one public-private partnership?!?!?!

Charles Keating, master manipulator of the S&L debacle who would later be convicted and serve time in jail, once hired Alan Greenspan to give expert testimony on his behalf. Greenspan claimed that Keating's Lincoln S&L was healthy, and it would later go bankrupt. Greenspan also certified 17 S&Ls, 16 of which would go bankrupt within 4 years. (From Jeff Faux's book, The Servant Economy) Greenspan would late be appointed to head the Federal Reserve, where he would supervise the housing bubble, and later claim before congress that he and "they" were wrong, those pesky markets weren't self-regulating after all!

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