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Comment But what about . . . (Score 1) 235

. . the Federal Reserve? That was supposed to be the number one public-private partnership?!?!?!

Charles Keating, master manipulator of the S&L debacle who would later be convicted and serve time in jail, once hired Alan Greenspan to give expert testimony on his behalf. Greenspan claimed that Keating's Lincoln S&L was healthy, and it would later go bankrupt. Greenspan also certified 17 S&Ls, 16 of which would go bankrupt within 4 years. (From Jeff Faux's book, The Servant Economy) Greenspan would late be appointed to head the Federal Reserve, where he would supervise the housing bubble, and later claim before congress that he and "they" were wrong, those pesky markets weren't self-regulating after all!

Comment But the media frausters always claim otherwise (Score 2) 491

Endless books one picks up will state, like that fraudster Barry Lynn at (Pew and Peterson Foundation supported) New America Foundation, that "Jack Welch finally began to offshore jobs in the late 1990s, suggesting that Welch, while he was transforming GE into a hedge fund and private equity firm, hadn't begun the trend of offshoring engineering, programming, and scientific R&D (along with manufacturing) jobs in the early and mid 1980s.

Just take a look at pp. 139-140 of The Billionaire's Apprentice, a book by Anita Raghavan, to see how McKinsey researched and targeted every single American job which could be offshored, which they would then sell to and sell their clients on doing.

Comment Interesing, but I wonder..... (Score 1) 61

An acquaintance of mine, several years back, worked at a medical coding company called Meddata (based out of Ohio, I believe, and owned by a private equity/leveraged buyout firm) which kept having computer problems, which their inept and incompetent IT sleazoids were unable to prevent. She monitored their systems inhouse, and ascertained that they were being hacked at mercilessly, within the USA region. It didn't take her long to figure it out: the executives there, from a previous company but now in top levels at Meddata, had screwed over numerous people at their previous company (there was, and may still be, a dedicated web site to the lawsuits against that outfit), and people were attempting revenge. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Comment So effing obvious.... (Score 1) 357

I'm not surprised the culprit is Lockheed Martin (is the Rockefeller family still the largest shareholder of that crockfest arms dealer?)!

Just looking at the skaters are bent double and how the design appears to act like an air scoop, breaking their performance is soooo frigging obvious, they should have tossed it without any testing, but to think those damnable incompetent jackasses didn't even bother to test it, speaks volumes about the corruption sooooo pervasive in the arms industry, funded by the American taxpayer, who can't even afford to feed their family today!

Comment That should be as..... (Score 0) 177 in Little India (formerly known as Seattle), whose small businesses (those which are still left) are taking a pounding, since around half the IT workers are Punjabis (foreign visa scab workers primarily from India, although a few from Pakistan), he will be soundly applauded. Those foreign visa workers from India, unfortunately, don't patronize the local fine restaurants, many of which have now gone out of business, and certainly not the book stores for their tech books, as the local and American IT workers once did (Yeah, I know so much is online, but you still need the books for real study). The corporations bring in foreign visa scab workers form India, and the local small businesses suffer, and the tax base is shrunk because fewer Americans are paying taxes, and so many jobs have been offshored. Only traitors still give a rat's ass about Micro$oft.

Comment Just the facts, please, not assumptions! (Score 1) 449

"There's no disputing that Bill Gates is blessed with a brilliant mind. Sure, he dropped out of Harvard College, but he got accepted into the elite institution of higher learning in the first place.

His daddy went to Harvard, he was a legacy applicant, the same way that George Weasel Bush's daddy and granddaddy, etc., went to Yale, he too was a legacy applicant!

Next, Gates' mommy sat on one or more boards with the CEO of IBM, who gave the sweetest licensing deal ever to her son.

Billy hired a dood to copy Gary Kildall's CP/M operating system (those of us who remember dissembling the first version of DOS remember Gary's notes still there!!!!), and Micro$oft later settled out of court with the owner to the rights of Kildall's Dr.DOS (to the tune of around $1 billion or more).

BillyG got his financing for his startup from his uncle, who was VP of First Interstate.

Let's stick to the facts, please!

Comment Re:un-American? (Score 2) 165

Overthrowing the democratically elected governments of Iran and Guatemala during the Eisenhower Administration.

Helping to overthrow the democratically elected government of Brazil during the Johnson Administration.

Destabilizing the secular government of Afghanistan, during the Carter and Reagan administrations.

And on, and on (and never forget Operation 9/11)......

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