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Comment Re:Justice system reform (Score 1) 152

"..are a direct result of the huge, intrusive, abusive government we have...'

Oh, sweet jaysus! You sound like one of those believers in faux populist, Ron Paul (FYI, sonny, real populists aren't anti-worker and anti-union and forever submitted legislation in congress which is anti-worker --- read up on the greatest congressman populist to ever come out of Texas, the Honorable Wright Patman, now there was a real populist!!!!).

Try AT&T's awesome influence, coupled with that there "regulatory capture" of the gov't which they, the bank/oil cartel, now own.

Comment Re:In addition.... (Score 1) 287

Good points, and with regard to the laws and legaly system in America, a few years back a lawsuit brought against one of the two major legal databases owners/purveyors in the USA (alleging the fabrication and rewording of legal-setting case precedents to alter court law) was widely covered in the European press, yet received absolutely no publicity in Amerika. A most important and crucial factual point from the blog site:

“Reed Elsevier” is one of two companies which collectively own the Law in the United States. The other company, Thompson-Reuters (formerly Thompson-West) along with Reed Elsevier collect statutes, regulations and case law from the various States input the compilations into computers, collate it and add notes and then turn around and sell the Law to lawyers and the very governments that produce it. So if you, or the lawyer you pay, want to know what the law is on any topic, you will have to pay one or the other, and sometimes both, of these companies for the privilege.

And interesting to note the Thompson-Reuters is now owner of the text analytics software firm, ClearForest (also used at NASDAQ, FBI, NSA, Credit Suisse, and financed by the same private equity firm which gave us Narus -- now a Boeing subsidiary, but still active in helping to arrest, torture and murder pro-democracy activists in China, Egypt, Syria, etc.).

Comment Outstanding blog posting, Soulskill (Score 2) 287

..and theodp remarks are brilliant and spot on!

Naturally, one would expect AG Holder, who made his big bucks at Covington & Burling, defending Chiquita (formerly United Fruit) and Coca Cola and the oil companies, for their hiring of assassins to murder labor organizers, protesters and pro-democracy activists in South America and West Africa. And please don't neglect the record of Ortiz:
And please let us never forget the ultimate entitlement:

The "right" of the banksters to "create money" and make the rest of us pay them for it! (Unconstitutional, as the US Constitution only gives the right to coin the currency to the gov't, not to any private concern --- Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy exercised that constitutional right, and history shows us their horrendous outcomes.)

Comment Aaron Swartz, R.I.P. (Score 1) 656

There is nothing more sad, more disheartening, than the death of a decent person.

I didn't know Aaron Swartz, although I had communicated with him online on several occasions; a highly intelligent young man with a prodigious mind and noble spirit.

Aaron evidently reached the decision, to spare his family and friends future pain, he would forfeit his own life; in ancient Rome they referred to it as "Falling on one's sword."

Yet another fatality of Obama's War On Whistleblowers, the dramatic extension and expansion from the Bush administration.

Today, Gov. Don Siegelman sits in a penitentiary, his only "crime" was wishing to increase educational access for the many; an authentic democrat, so very rare today.

Today, an Iraqi immigrant, Shakir Hamoodi, who sent small sums of money to his close relatives back home for medical and food emergencies, also sits in a penitentiary, yet another humanist, or "criminal" in America?

Today, a brave CIA whistleblower of the criminal and barbaric torture taking place, John Kiriakou, faces two years in jail, thanks to Obama and life in the land of the lawless.

Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning, Gov. Don Siegelman, Shakir Hamoodi, John Kiriakou and others, too many others, a roster of the best of America, wasted lives in others pursuit of never-ending corruption.

A bizarre BBC report the other day --- and bizarre is the only accurate description for both BBC and their news report --- ran an attack piece on WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, nonsensically juxtaposed against the newspaper strike in China!

They --- the BBC and Australian news --- once again perpetrated lies of "sexual assault of two women" against Assange?

Having read all the legal documents, in both English and Swedish, I observed NO verification of such lies, only that Sofia Wilen, the younger woman who first approached Julian Assange, wanted nothing to do with such false allegations, and that the government-affiliated Anna Ardin (one of her many aliases), appears to have been the driving force in stirring up such vicious stories! (When the publicity became too much for Anna Ardin, she was spirited off to Israel, where a member of the Bonnier family was ambassador at that time.)
The one common factor, known to Americans, which is evident in both the attacks on Wikileaks/Assange and the illegitimate and amoral incarceration of Gov. Siegelman, is Karl Rove.

Rove appears again and again in the background, as the puppet master pulling the strings to take out Gov. Siegelman, and was financed in his multiple trips to Sweden, around the beginning of the WikiLeaks' episode, financed by the Bonnier family, one of the media giant families of Europe and among the top ten media corporations in existence. (Virtually everyone on the Swedish side who has been attacking Julian Assange is financially connected to the Bonnier family: the attorneys, Anna Ardin, the Bonnier-employed reporters, the Justice Minister, etc., the only exception would be Sofia Wilen, the young lady who quickly distanced herself from the horrendously unfolding events.)

Aaron Swartz, both believed in, and fought for, free speech and freedom of the press, an incredibly shrinking freedom which has been all but co-opted by the ruling oligarchs through their corporations today --- does anyone really know who owns AT&T, after all?

Recently, some technically astute friends ran a series of tests, and observed that the most heavily censored sites: Huffington Post,, Naked Capitalism, The Guardian, etc., are considered to be some of the more "liberal" sites on the 'net --- nothing could be further from the truth!

The most heavily censored English-speaking countries on the Web? Canada, the UK and the USA.

Most despicably, network neutrality appears as dead as Aaron Swartz --- and we should all mourn the passing of both noble personages.

In Memoriam

Aaron Swartz

November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013

Notes and Sources
"Kiriakou was a CIA veteran who played a role in the agency's capture of the al-Qaida terrorist Abu Zubaydah in Pakistan in 2002. Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded by government interrogators and eventually revealed information that led to the arrest of the "dirty bomb" plotter Jose Padilla and exposed Khalid Sheikh Mohamed as the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks. Accounts conflict over whether the waterboarding was helpful in getting intelligence from Zubaydah."

. . . .
"The CIA director, David Petraeus, sent a memo to agency employees noting Kiriakou's conviction, saying: "It marks an important victory for our agency, for our intelligence community, and for our country. Oaths do matter, and there are indeed consequences for those who believe they are above the laws that protect our fellow officers and enable American intelligence agencies to operate with the requisite degree of secrecy."

(Tell that to the wifey, Davey boy! --- sgt_doom)

Comment For the simple answer..... (Score 1) 1063

....I would recommend reading G.J. Meyer's outstanding book, written back in the early 1990s, called:

Executive Blues (pretty much explains our present circumstances, and Prof. Michael Hudson, Prof. Donald Gibson, Nomi Prins, Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Satyajit Das, et al. have explained the rest)

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