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Comment You might further expand your horizons..... (Score 1) 629

....by understanding that back in 2000 or around there, there were four countries in the Middle East which had yet to sign onto the WTO's Financial Services Agreement (allowing for foreign ownership of banks and acceptance of credit derivatives): Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran (since then, Iraq, an invaded country, and Libya, with their overthrown government, have since signed on).

Starting to wise up a bit?

Comment I can't believe the US job market is as tough ... (Score 1) 629

....as it has turned out to be. (WTF?)

No offense, dood, since you make several lucid comments, but have you ever familiarized with the habitat in which you exist (namely America)? I mean, we have been in the "official" 4th jobless recovery, (really the 6th), which means that of those jobs lost, only half again are created, and of those, half are at less wages than those lost, and a larger portion than ever are now temporary or contractor jobs.

You are now beginning to realize why David Rockefeller accompanied President Nixon and Henry Kissinger aboard those flights to China when they were opening relations with them (Rockefeller established banking operations in both Beijing and Moscow back in 1973). You may now be realizing why David Rockefeller founded the Council of the Americas to lobby for the passage of NAFTA --- which was primarily about allowing for foreign ownership of Mexican banks, and secondarily about offshoring jobs there. You may now be realizing that TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership, is the mother of all "free trade" agreements, and that along with TAFTA or the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, we are truly screwed in America?

Have a nice day, dood!

Comment Re:Lie a little (Score 1) 629

Oh wow, a real bunch of database and IT professionals commenting here today, huh? ? ?

Just kidding, kiddies!

Obviously, since data mining went critical mass around 2003 or 2004, all anyone requires is either your name and telephone number or your age and zipcode to find everything they require about your background.

One reads this frequent insipid-type posts every so often here, and wonder, WTF?

OK, you've never heard of all those foreign replacement workers, a large number brought over from India? You've never heard of Gupta, formerly at McKinsey & Company, or Diana Farrell over at McKinsey Global, who have made big bucks outlining the most efficient ways for American corporations and American-based multinationals to offshore as many jobs as possible? (Read p.139 of The Billionaire's Apprentice for an excellent synopsis of this.)

You've never picked up a newspaper, or seen any news reports about this the past twenty years or so?

So that story in the biz section of USA Today back in 2002, where the female IT workers were screaming because they began replacing them with Punjabi H1-Bs (funny how they didn't scream when they had replaced all the American male IT workers there with Punjabi workers on foreign work visas?)?

What planet did you say you were from?

Comment Re:Why make him a martyr? (Score 1) 236

You make a valid comment, but the super-rich working through America really don't care about whether someone is made the "martyr" or not, they are simply to powerful to care about such trifles! Go back and take a close look at the details and circumstances surrounding the Bobby Kennedy assassination in 1968, they were so powerful that time, that unlike the JFK and MLK murders, they were as open and careless as possible. You may believe or think the hegemons bother about worrying about the masses, but believe me, they don't!

Comment Re:Ask the people in Gitmo (Score 1) 236

Well and beautifully stated, Good Citizen, OzPeter. Sweden has already been involved, colluding with the US government, in the extreme rendition of several innocent Arab-Swedes, who have since gone to court, been found innocent and financially remunerated for the crimes against them. Sweden has already established a record in this, just like the USA.

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