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Comment Re:Why make him a martyr? (Score 1) 236

You make a valid comment, but the super-rich working through America really don't care about whether someone is made the "martyr" or not, they are simply to powerful to care about such trifles! Go back and take a close look at the details and circumstances surrounding the Bobby Kennedy assassination in 1968, they were so powerful that time, that unlike the JFK and MLK murders, they were as open and careless as possible. You may believe or think the hegemons bother about worrying about the masses, but believe me, they don't!

Comment Re:Ask the people in Gitmo (Score 1) 236

Well and beautifully stated, Good Citizen, OzPeter. Sweden has already been involved, colluding with the US government, in the extreme rendition of several innocent Arab-Swedes, who have since gone to court, been found innocent and financially remunerated for the crimes against them. Sweden has already established a record in this, just like the USA.

Comment Re:No doubt, they are telling the truth. (Score 1) 236

Again, thank you, Good Citizen wcrowe!

A short time ago, Colin Powell's former military aide stated publicly (and I believe he actually signed a deposition to this fact) that both Cheney and Rumsfeld were aware that probably the majority of those held at Gitmo were not guilty of anything, but if they allowed them to go what would they have to show for their so-called War on Terrorism (which, any American above the retardate level realizes, is being waged against us by those Wall Streeters!).

Comment Re:What about the UK? (Score 1) 236

He's wanted for questioning, what part of that don't or can't you understand. WikiLeaks' Assange has yet to be charged with anything, he is to be extradited physically to Sweden, because somehow, as the British Justice so acerbically stated, the effing Swedes are to incompetent to fly, or call over to, the UK to question Assange. Now why does he have to be physically extradited just for questioning, dood?

And why are you still so effing ignorant about the entire matter, dood?

Comment Re:Well I Guess... (Score 1) 236

Yup, the same Washington Post which ran columns for many years by Joseph Alsop, without ever mentioning his cousin was Kermit Roosevelt, a high-level CIA dood. And the same Washington Post which ran columns for many years by Cleveland Amory, without mentioning that his brother was a deputy director at the CIA. Yes, and the same Washington Post owned by Katherine Meyer Graham the daughter of a former Federal Reserve chairman, and the wife of a former guy who worked for Allen Dulles in the OSS during WWII.

The same WaPo now headed by Bob Woodward, the guy who never really gave us Deep Throat.
It's a small world after all ......

Comment Re:Prosecuted? Maybe not. (Score 1) 236

Well articulated, Good Citizen!

And for any commenters are /. who still are clueless, here is an excellent breakdown by the Nordic News Network:

The item they didn't mention, since they are not doing any factual supposition as I do, is that every player in Sweden involved with attempting to extradite Assange is financially involved/linked to the Swedish media mogul family (the Rupert Murdochs of Sweden), the Bonnier family.

Comment Re:silicon valley looking for cheaper IT workers (Score 1) 109

Good and bad points, Andro. Plenty of felons get jobs, just a few years back a friend of mine (around 2004 or 2005) applied to the TSA along with thousands of others on the same day at the same location, and he was rejected within 15 minutes of filling out the paperwork (the time stamp on the rejection email they sent him). Several years later he reads in the newspaper that the four convicted felons they had hired that day (among thousands who had applied) were being sent back to jail for pilfering luggage.

I recall reading awhile back how a level 3 sex offender was getting out of jail and within 3 days he had a job?

Evidently, some organizations prefer felons.

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